SAAB day: Saab in the press

Rumors spread quickly. Especially when it comes to Saab. It all started with a report by the magazine Autocar. The new Saab owners want to build the 9-3 in China, as it was read a few days ago, the plant in Trollhättan to be dismantled. All nonsense, I thought, and ignored the article.

Still quiet: Saab plant in Trollhattan
Still quiet: Saab plant in Trollhattan

A few days later the news found its way into the German press. A news magazine brought it and Autoscout24 also wrote "Saab lives“And reported on the planned dismantling in Trollhättan. When the first search queries with “Demontage Trollhattan” popped up here on the blog, it became too much for me too.

If you want to run the tapes in China in the summer, then it would be an enormous challenge even for the fix Chinese. Dismantling, transport at sea, rebuilding and setting up production in weeks remaining only 30. The clock is ticking because you have not even moved a single screw in Trollhättan!

The rumor is just a rumor, of course. Presumably resulting from a translation error. The use of the “Saab” brand is linked to the location in Västragötland. Cars have to be built and developed here. Only then will the vehicles that will roll off the assembly lines in Asia in the future also bear the cult name. And that's what matters to investors. The times when you bought a plant in Europe and then rebuilt it in China are over. All of this is faster and cheaper on site.

Kai Johan Jiang on the subject of Saab

ChinaAutoWeb has published an interview with Saab investor Kai Johan Jiang. It is primarily about the choice of location and a little about product strategy. The authorities business is of interest and also a low price below 180.000 Yuan, about 21.000 €. These are cars based on the Phoenix platform, which should soon be finished.

And there was also the topic of GM. The Americans are not putting any obstacles in the way of NEVS. All lights are switched to green. Kai Johan Jiang is not really specific. The partial translation is available on ChinaAutoWeb.

Saab 900 Turbo in the test

Classic Cars, the young and oldtimer magazine of the Auto Zeitung, has republished a luxury class test from 1984. The Saab 900 Turbo 16 S drives against Alfa 6, Citroen CX GTI, Renault 26 V6, Austin Rover Vitesse, Volvo 760 Turbo and Opel Senator. The Saab is the smallest and most expensive car in the test and therefore probably only ends up in 4th place. But the summary is pleasing. "...high-class engine technology, standard air conditioning, impeccable workmanship and more than just a touch of exclusivity - a car for well-heeled individualists".

The Saab cost 30 DM almost 43.500 years ago, making it up to 15% more expensive than the competition with 6 cylinders under the hood. He was a cult anyway. He was also bought. Perhaps a suggestion for Kai Johan Jiang, when he thinks about premium and pricing.




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    heartfelt congratulations to your dream-SAAB.
    Understand the joy very well, because I had an alabaster-yellow 900 GL
    as well as this particularly beautiful version was so admired by the women !!

    Good drive and many years of carefree kilometers.


    (a longtime SAAB fan)

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    may be that Kia offers a good service and certainly there are also Kia dealers doing an excellent job (yes Saab are also contractors) But Kia a premium image go there I think it's a bit too far.

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    One should not combine premium prices with the premium image, others have already.
    Maybe go a different way, Premium Image-Premium Prices-Premium Service. Nobody offers that yet ... except KIA

    Would not it be nice to join a new 9-3 SC in September and know that the service and warranty are 5-7 years.
    As would be a real incentive to buy, not only for private customers, but above all fleet customers.

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    It's funny and it's probably true about the individualists. After a CX I had a Saab 900, then I went to the Italian 1 Lancia Thema 16V, afterwards 2 upper divas but unique: Thema 8.32, then the last Integrale 16V (great machine) - then I heard that Saab was not doing well goes and got a 9-3 2.8T xwd. It stays with me - not least because I came across the saabblog !! Thanks Tom

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    Anyone planning a successful new life for the Saab brand, in any form whatsoever, can not, in my opinion, waste any thought on a location assignment in Trollhättan. Unless one plans only for the Asian market, then it needs absolutely no cultic logo like SAAB. My grandfather always told us grandchildren of the Yellow Danger in the seventies, I think and hope he's wrong about my / our SAAB virus. Maybe the Yellow Savior?!?
    By the way, the 900 turbo 16s is still the SAAB par excellence, this car in the rearview mirror on the motorway, you should quickly clear the left lane, better safe than sorry ...

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    This is indicative of how the paths, views and experiences are similar. I would not have expected that from the CX, but it's logical.

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    Alfa, Citroën CX and SAAB 900 that was still individuality. The CX was also my favorite.

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    yes, Citroen was a little different then the majority of the automobiles landscape back then. I had 4 (in words four!) Piece of it. Of these, 2 were very reliable and comfortable vehicles and 2 a real nightmare. Because it's the 4. again, I've never sworn again Citroen. What a treat against my Saabs. What I've had in 14 years ago and two 9-3 repairs, I had with the two nightmare Citroens relaxed in 3 months.

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    Yes, yesterday I had the magazine in my hand too. Back then, the CX GTI was also one of my favorites. Just like SAAB, it was different, also way ahead of its time and was just as torn apart by the German car press, although it was superior to most of its German competitors. Really strong turbo diesels appeared in the CX when German diesels were still holding up traffic. But that was also the last individual Citroen, then they gradually went under in the uniform (my opinion) and the 9000 came on the market….

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      I come out as an ex-owner of a CX GTI Turbo II. It was a great car and the engine was top notch. Only the whole work bitchy like a diva ...

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    That was German marks ...

    • blank

      Thank you, yes of course, good old DM.

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