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Reader's contribution by Gerd

To understand that by name, I may have to say in advance that an SAAB is not just a car, but a family member. The green 9000 CSE is the longest with us. That was the last 9000, which I got 1998 in Kiel still new and which is up to today the yardstick. In the north one says "fits like a second skin". 2002 got an 900 II convertible from 1997, that's fun and timeless.

Allow: Joe - aka Saab 9000
Allow: Joe - aka Saab 9000

Our daughter grew up in the 9000er. Already at the look out of the child seat escaped her no one and so came from behind often the call "AAB - AAB", with the "S" it did not work in the beginning. She usually spotted more than me.

When the 9-5 1997 was introduced, there was a very nice event at the dealership Lafrentz, The little girl was of course with. Two 9-5 under white cloths stood in the hall. When the cars were unveiled after a speech, I had the kid on my shoulders for safety's sake and the moment the first 9-5 came out from under the cloth, an enthusiastic scream (like the teen pop concert) went down the hall above me. The bystanders looked at me in surprise - just a real fan.

In the meantime, the little girl has become a young lady, who last year in May searched for an SAAB on the internet. An 9 3 I from 1998, 1. Hand 185TKm and very-very cheap. I was skeptical at first, but since he was standing nearby, I let myself be floated for inspection and test drive. We took it with us right away. I did not realize that the prices for 900 II / 9-3 I were in the basement at the time. Now he has already passed 8000 Km without problems.

Since there were three, names had to come. Dad likes to drink a glass of whiskey, but is not set on a variety. So our daughter gave the names: Jack (-Daniels, her 9-3), Jim (-Beam, the convertible) and Johnnie (-Walker, the 9000), Jack, Jim and Johnnie.

That's Jack
That's Jack

He has no turbo, but is very comfortable and runs very quiet, our daughter loves her Jack. I've been looking for a second 9000 CS for a long time. Either an AERO or Anniversary to put away. Unfortunately, the price-state ratio gapes at these rare copies far apart and I did not find anything.

At the beginning of January I saw 9000 1997 CS near 170TKm nearby, I thought of it as a spare parts store for Johnnie and that's what it looked like at first glance. Carelessly put in a corner and filthy like an old agricultural utility vehicle - 950 €! Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the original condition because I had no idea how it went on.
I got the key and looked through everything roughly, the substance and the technology didn't make a bad impression at all. A few days later I went back with my wife, four eyes see more and women see different things.

Joe: Engine room
Joe: Engine room

For a test drive, my wife has put newspapers on the seats, so much for the care condition inside. Outside it did not look better. But nearby there was a car wash and lo and behold, an intact body came to light. The technique ran around except for a few trifles and service was all 10TKm made, new exhaust, new tires - the parts covered the price easily. For safety, quickly on the stage. The condition from below is perfect for the age.

Joe: Interior
Joe: Interior

So we took him with us first. My wife drove it home and then said, "It's going well". We stood in front of it in our garage and were unsure what to do with him now. Put our son in a barn as a spare parts store, whose BMW is slowly disintegrating, but he's not a SAAB fan, or…. I started to clean it properly and on the first day it became clear that it would stay with us and is now called JOE (without whiskey). After three days I had finished and polished Joe up enough to make it suitable for daylight again.

First "roll-out". That was a surprise when you saw the original condition and Ambassador Blue goes well with the 9000. Nice are also the rims with the big mother as Radnarbenverschluß.

Saab family: Joe, Johnnie, Jim
Saab family: Joe, Johnnie, Jim

The technology makes a good impression and works, except for the wiper motor on the right. Switching is not a big thing. Now you can get back in without protective clothing, the interior is well preserved.

If the contracts for the Jim and Johnnie season labels expire in April, they will be re-sorted. I have a change flag for the 9000er, the ADAC makes very good offers. Then there is a driving report. I'm sure Joe would soon be recycled if he had stood there longer and looked the way he looked. 9000er driving is now secured for a long time. But he really is the last old SAAB we adopted!

Text and images: Gerd for saabblog.net

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  • He “only” has 186TKm because the 902 Cabrio has taken a good 11TKm from him in 80 summers. I also use it for business in summer because it's just fun. The two should now be in “retirement” and Joe becomes a work car.

  • Can you ask how much your 98er 9000 has been running?

  • He had not been admitted yet and I had put an old one on it, so that the overall picture is correct and the empty holders do not disturb.

  • "But he really is the last old SAAB that we adopted!"

    Are you sure?
    "Even if you think there is no more space, there is still a Saab from somewhere"
    (Well, even sucked Saab bump less than this rhyme)

    Have fun with the fleet - why does the 9000 CS still have an AU sticker on the license plate (front)?

  • Thank you for the good wishes. As far as the "pressure" of decision-making in the morning is concerned, the result is always good, they are all fun - as you know!

  • Even if I'm a SAAB 901 fan, such reports about the 9000s just keep me happy! My congratulations to you Gerd! I'm just about to convince a friend of mine of the SAAB 901 or 902 / 9-3 I ...

  • The blue looks really great! My congratulations. Don't always write such reports, it just awakens our consumption wishes again ...

  • A lot of feeling in the 9000, he is a wonderful car, he will give you much pleasure. Good ride.

  • Congratulations on the “bargain” and always have a good trip! (With so many key choices, the “pressure” starts in the morning ...) Have fun with the SAABines!
    Greetings from the north

  • Very nice report, a beautiful 9000. Have fun with Joe!

  • I need a handkerchief first ...: o)

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