SAAB News: No participation in motor shows

In Trollhättan you remain persistent. Both Till and me, and the local newspaper. Saab will not participate in any car show this year. What a pity and at the same time my personal desire for 2013 cashed. Because the Saab owners simply have no study or a presentable, close-to-production vehicle ready.

Saab PhoeniX concept car
Saab PhoeniX concept car

A presence in Geneva or in Frankfurt would have kept the interest in the brand alive or strengthened and shortened the waiting time. A study would have created desires, and the benevolent press of the small, indomitable brand would have provided good news. After Mikael Östlund had already given us a refusal last week, the denial came in the TTELA today. With that it finally seems and we will probably have to live with it, because it is missing (still) in the personnel infrastructure, the exhibition stand and a presentable study.

In the past, Trollhättan built trials and prototypes for the GM world. Local craftsmanship would be there. The focus of Saab 2.0, however, is clearly on the production launch, which will take place in the fall. First the duty, then the freestyle. At some point, new Saabs will also roll into German car dealerships, and then we will accept the missing trade fair appearance. You can not have everything.


Image: Saab Automobile AB

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  • That's a pity, would not be a big stand.
    A little presence would do Saab well, 2011 was very disappointed that Saab canceled the IAA in the short term.
    Of course, the restart of production is in the foreground, but a “Meet & Greet” for Saab drivers at the IAA would certainly have been nice.
    Well then we'll see you at the IAA 2015!
    So long ...

  • Let's wait for the IAA Sept.2013.
    The IAA is much more important, the whole world is watching and I am very sure that we will find a small SAAB booth there.
    And I am looking forward to this moment. I'll be there.

    SG from churches


  • Hallo,

    It is certainly a shame for us fans that NEVS is not represented at a trade fair this year. But I can understand that quite well. What do you want to show? A pimped up 9-3 II that cannot yet be sold within the EU due to legal problems (pedestrian protection, emissions standards, etc.)? The German “trade press” would lick their fingers again and tear it up in the air with relish.

    Then I find it better to calmly prepare the production and then go with a finished product and possibly a preview of a new 93 in the public.


  • Well said; agree with your opinion.

  • I agree. one after the other. Only the car dumb lives anyway in another world, just like the daily paper.

  • Hello.

    Whether it is really so easy for NEVS to organize a booth at various auto shows, I do not think so!

    Because what should you present there? At the moment it is not even 100% clear whether modified SAABs will be built from August ...

    Showing the “old” Griffin models doesn’t make sense either, because they’re not even approved in the EU (pedestrian protection).
    "Warming up" the PhöniX from the VM era and showing it again is not possible at all!

    What would make sense would be more to show a pre-production model of 9-3NEVS, if 100% would be clear that production starts. Because if not, it would probably be worse for the image than simply ignoring the fairs!

    In addition, the question arises as to who was responsible for the trade fair appearances in the past? Only the company headquarters certainly not! Certainly the national SAAB branch was also strongly involved due to the local public. But they are not available at NEVS! And whether the SAAB part can be included, or whether NEVS or SAAB part wants it?

    But as it used to be, Tom knows that better!

    Greetings from the stormy Oldenburg


  • SWAN has been accused of spending a small amount of money on the Geneva show with the PhoeniX, and now it is not good that NEVS is not planning a trade show appearance this year.

    I think we should be patient (which we can do very well), and be happy if something happens at NEVS, such as today where their new website has finally gone online.

  • People,

    KJJ is not so poor that he could not even have set up a small information booth at the fair - perhaps with 2 employees!

    In addition, a convertible with a nice look and a 9-3X Griffin (of course both models with the new emblem) would have made sense - I don't think much of this renewed total reluctance at NEVS. In the meantime, at trade fairs, one could provide excellent information about the planned activities in Trollhättan and Quingdao - should the implementation really not happen 100% later, it wouldn't be so bad either. At least SAAB would have finally awakened again for the general public with such a sea appearance - so the long sleep continues!

  • I think you would overstrain the thin staff, they should quietly bring the tapes to run. Then our SAAB story also sells easier ;-). Keep your fingers crossed. Since 2011 or something

  • Honestly until a few weeks ago was not even clear if and how it goes on.
    I think we should not overdo it with our expectations and hope that the tapes are running again. Let all the strength in a car as in a booth, if that succeeds then even
    “AUTO BILD” write something positive about a not “pure” German car manufacturer! :O)

  • I can understand it when at trade fairs currently is waived. Costs a lot, tie up many office employees in preparation and, in my opinion, distract from the main event: Start of production! In addition, the staff cover at NEVS is known to be “thin”. Better to get staff on the belts (the region around Troll-City would be happy!) To get close to the goal in late summer. When things go well, the press will be happy to report on the “PhoeniX from the Ashes”! And the dealers can ALL SAAB-Kd. Write and inform .... There is sure to be something else! Our SAABs are so safe, economical and durable!
    I'm looking forward to the next long trip in the SAAB at the end of the week!

  • I still think it's good that you obviously focus on the core questions:
    Better take care of the future first, drive the start of production. Hopefully later in the year, there will be positive press when the first vehicles leave the factory.
    A trade fair appearance would not bring much in my opinion:
    The employees there would be bombarded with unpleasant questions, nobody would take SAAB really seriously because there is no production yet. Everyone would smile tiredly and think “Big at the fair and nothing behind it…” These were always the methods of VM: Go ahead, a lot of fuss about everything and then not much happens.

    I think it's good when you start slowly, everything with a lot of thought and when that's done, roll the first products out of the halls, to emphasize the whole thing in the coming year through massive advertising, trade fairs, etc. - that seems Nordic cool, considered and serious!

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