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National Electric Vehicle Sweden has launched the new Saab website today. The result is better and more valuable than the previous websites of investors. is based on what we previously knew from Saab. More news from Trollhättan can be expected. It remains exciting and the journey seems to be going in the right direction. To the website "". is online now. is online now.


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  • and NEVS advertises jobs! You can apply online. Great, a good day for the Trollhättan region! Something is developing step by step ... I'm looking forward to late summer!

  • Looks good, but between the lines
    Eg with “products” I only read

    -elektro is developed on the basis of 9.3
    -Will continue to build parts for existing fleet
    - The 9.3 platform will continue through Phoenix
    develops and replaces.

    Since I see a contradiction, right?
    Unfortunately not a word from

    -9. (1/2/4/5/) usw

    I'm curious, but still nice one
    to see a new beginning.

  • Jupp, on the one hand, you get the feeling of finding familiar things, on the other hand, you take away from the text that man works innovatively on electro-mobility!
    So you go with the current time but with a rating, known optical appearance!

    A successful combination!

  • Very discreet and not intrusive. Continues Saab brand identity. I like it. If there is still great news to follow ...

  • There is nothing to add ...

  • I can only repeat myself:
    Very good, that one does not jump ahead with empty promises! Slowly one after the other comes.
    So it makes a lot more sense and the world notices that something is happening behind the scenes.
    It also creates a bit of tension and even greater interest in the brand and its activities.

    Swedish, subtle, reserved - less is often more!

    Keep it up, SAAB!

  • But is already light at the end of the tunnel

  • Very reserved side! 🙂

    Only the “green” (rollover, active, etc) I don't really like…. I somehow lack the connection to Saab.

  • Have looked at the website and there is more and more light from the horizon. I say, the wait was worth it, even if it does not go as fast forward as desired. But no matter, the main thing Saab lives again !!!!

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