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Saab's 9-3 navigation system with touch screen is still one of the most recommended systems on the market. Well, there's the matter with the update of the map material we're all waiting for. And it has a certain left / right weakness, so that I now know two places in Germany where the wrong direction is announced although the graph has a different opinion. But those are little things I can live with. There are alternative offers for the Saab 9-3 and one of our readers has tested one of them.

Alpine Navigation in the Saab 9-3
Alpine Navigation in the Saab 9-3

Jörg from Hamburg drives a Saab 9-3 Cabriolet. The open Saab, it's his third, is from the year 2009. With each new Saab he got more fun with our cult brand. On the subject of alternative navigation solutions and the GPS antenna, he has gained experience that could be useful to us all. Jörg writes us:

With my antenna for the GPS at the trunk unfortunately the Gummiliegierung became brittle, which looked very unattractive. A new one should cost almost 300 €, too much, I think. That's why I let them paint, which cost the painter 70 € and I think the result is better than the original. In addition, no deterioration in the reception can be determined, the navigation system works properly.

Saab GPS antenna
Saab GPS antenna

The screen of my navigation system was defective, a replacement part is not provided, so a new navigation system, although only the screen was broken, would have cost me € 3000 and that for a 5-year-old device. There are also problems with the map updates. The last update came with the Griffin models and is already 2 years old. In addition, a DVD costs € 270 ...

The alternative was to install a new 2-din device. I chose one from Alpine. It is new, has better graphics, the navigation system is great with 3D graphics, you can watch DVDs and what is best, it has a DAB + tuner built in, with which radio can be heard in CD quality. In addition to another CAB bus, only a small digital antenna visible on the windshield (see photo) was required. The look of the device is very nice, with a small frame in black piano lacquer - also compared to the original - but in terms of technology, sound and connection options, it is a quantum leap. The device can still be operated via the steering wheel, the phone was called from my car dealership Etehad for 40 € to the original place on the left. A column installed.

Antenna on the windshield
Antenna on the windshield

Nice encore that these new devices also have Blutooth Streaming, which means I can listen to all the music on my smartphone wirelessly in the car. The price of such a device is 1000 €, with installation and parts it cost almost 1400 € ... The map update appears 1/4 a year and costs just under 90 € with an annual subscription.

As I said, I find it a good alternative to the original in the event of a defect or if you just want an alternative that is up to date. There are a number of devices that are possible, depending on what you want and what the wallet is like, since I have worked intensively on it, I can give you more information if necessary ...

The Alpine solution is certainly also interesting for retrofitting and for those who do not like a "suction cup navigation system". Thanks from Jörg for his report!

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  • At ebay, saab navigation is included, as it is even available with warranty

  • Exactly, the INE-W925 is, alternatively without DAB it is the otherwise identical INE-W920

  • Hello Saab friends,
    drive a convertible Bj 2 / 2005 with current 274000 km. My navigation does not work anymore. Am in Dortmund at the FOP have told me that the calculator could be broken. Does anyone know where I could get such a device?
    Thank you.
    Incidentally, I'm very well in this Saab workshop reserved. Do everything for Saab, mine too.

  • Very very interesting. My original GPS device (2007) is one of the weaknesses of the Saab. Still, I'll leave it there because it's original. But whenever such reports come up, the old idea of ​​changing it comes up. Pioneer was the alternative, Alpine is brand new to me… .btw. the information that you do not lose control of the steering wheel is very important.

    Jörg: please, is it the INE-W925R or something else?

  • Hello

    in Dec. 12 an Alpine Naiv 6,5 ″ touchscreen built into my 95 from 2006! And it's absolutely great. It's an Alpine INE-S900R with a built-in speakerphone and a super fast naive calculator. Ipod interface is also included, all around a very good alternative to the original device.

  • Very interesting - I have similar plans for a 9-3 I Cabriolet. If there is someone here in this great forum who has already done this - I would be very grateful for tips ... 🙂

  • Really highly recommended!

    I also have an Alpine Navi installed in my 9-3 convertible (MY 2001).
    It fits perfectly, although the radio slot of the first 9-3 does not have the complete double DIN height.

    In addition to the advantages mentioned by Jörg, I would like to add:
    - full control of the iPod (my old iPod is now connected to a cable in the glove compartment)
    - Connection of a rear view camera - once you have it, you don't want to be without it despite the (retrofitted) PDC.

    Greetings from Hamburg

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