SAAB News: Castriota Saab 9-3 in the media

In Sweden, Saab is in the media. Jason Castriota's design for the 9-3 successor first appeared today at Swedish Radio, later at Auto Motor Sport. The friends of Saabsunited, they are in direct contact with Castriota, will soon deliver even better pictures in higher quality.

Castriota Saab 9-3 successor. Typical Saab hatchback.
Castriota Saab 9-3 successor. Typical Saab hatchback.

It does not seem to be a coincidence that the Castriota designs are published at the present time. According to sources, the designer wants to talk to him again, and he should also be in contact with the Saab investors. Although Saab-NEVS acquired the Phoenix platform and the rights to the old Saab 9-3, it did not purchase the Castriotas design.

Saab 9-3 successor to Castriota
Saab 9-3 successor to Castriota
Castriota Saab Cabriolet
Castriota Saab Cabriolet

Saab internally, the Castriota draft was not undisputed. The car is too American, too little Saab, it was said in Trollhättan. Simon Padian's alternative design from Saab Design Studios was, in many eyes, the more harmonious solution. No matter how the story ended, we would finally get our hatchback back.

Saab 9-3 successor. Design Simon Padian
Saab 9-3 successor. Design Simon Padian

The cards are now reshuffled. For Castriota, who has always designed supercars, it would be a new challenge. And Simon Padian is also only 70 kilometers away in Gothenburg. A lot of Saab spirit and design experience is gathered there at Hareide Design. Everyone has to decide which design would have been better. The new Saab owners are faced with a difficult decision.



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  • A hatchback that is as flat at the back as the Padian design no longer has any practical utility and is just a caricature of the concept. And the so-called “pontoon” structure for car bodies actually had the idea that you no longer needed stupid, flared fenders. Definition of kitsch: wrong place, wrong time, wrong material. Here: wrong time. All-round visibility is also lost.

    The Castriota design has larger windows and, to my taste, more aesthetic side surfaces that are less crumpled. But too much. In addition, the windows are larger and the trunk looks more useful. However, he has the already known from the 9-3 I rump effect. And from the front he looks grottig like a BMW (stupidly silent for this, the Padian image).

    Overall, both designs scream for attention, lacking suppleness and flow. But you have to see the things in real.

  • Well ... But still nice that you could / could see the 9-3 successor variants.

  • I would buy the SAAB from Padian immediately! It shows me more Scandinavian design and takes up the “all-round” cockpit more clearly. Of course I would prefer the hatchback!
    The design from Castriota is based on too many “known” vehicles - no independence / copied. I also lack elegance! Even if the study should be “more American” and would like to offer itself to the American market, I would like to point out that the American market, which is so important with Scandinavian design, has grown and been successful! If already SAAB, then please the roots should also be recognizable!

  • I'm having a hard time with the pictures of the Castriota design. Part of it looks like a mix of different stylistic elements from Saab. But I'm missing the context somehow, it seems a bit pieced together. Possibly. but that is also due to the quality of the pictures.
    I really like the Padian design. Takes notes on the 9-5-II, associated with a hatchback. This is a modern interpretation of the Saab spirit for me.

    Size0 Ded2

  • Correct ! A hatchback is needed otherwise Saab can pack up again.
    one hardly speaks of a smaller Saab. saab should not only build cars for the american market but also those that the younger generation could afford.
    Greetings from Japan

  • The Simon Padian design is significantly more SAAB.

    Greetings Ulrich

  • The Simon Padian design design is my favorite. It has a lot in common with the current, last built 9-5II model and is a typical SAAB car.

  • Hm, I personally do not like the design by Castrioata. This looks like the indefinable car of Ssang Yong (rear view) and would cause not to buy this car even though it is a Saab.
    The Padian design is very successful for me, I would be very excited about the Cabrion and SC variant ...
    But I would buy it as a soda….

  • Something could have been made out of the Padian draft. At the back a nicely drawn, arched rear window ... I would have bought something like that. Like. The Castricota design, development stage and image quality or not, on the other hand is an inharmonious mix of styles from Ro80, Porsche, Subaru, whatever ... The convertible is a me-too A5. Too bad.

  • I can see in the design of Castriota synonymous only relatively little SAAB and more Audi (front) and Porsche (rear). Especially in the convertible is little saabypisches available, it could also come from the competition. On the other hand, in the design of Padian you recognize the SAAB immediately, so I personally like it a lot better.

  • BOA!! Força! novos investidores da Saab! força e kind!

  • So personally I have to say that I liked SAAB as a child, as it was something special (is!) To see a SAAB on the street. These two designs fit in this direction again and I would be very happy, no matter which one is built. The main thing is work for the people in Trollhattan and we can all order new cars again. But I also have to say that I would very much like to continue to drive a station wagon. Since I would probably stay with these drafts but first, until further notice in my good 9-3 SC.

    Greetings from Lusatia and a nice weekend. Marco

  • Not sideline Dear red99, “FRONT” !!! And from this perspective !!!

  • So the spoiler (Castriota draft) is safe to discuss, I don't like it, otherwise a lot of SAAB quotes, maybe a bit clumsy, will there be better pictures soon?

    The Padian design is more pleasing, partly because of the better picture quality. However, the rear wheel arches are too strong for me.

  • What we definitely need to include in the Castriota design is the fact that the three images are from an early design stage. The prototype has become even more harmonious afterwards.

  • That's what I call a good, pragmatic attitude.
    But I'm like that too.

  • The Castriota design seems to me to be quite sketchy:
    Taking in the idea of ​​the rotating aircraft cockpit, and then letting it run out with a thoughtless bend upwards, looks a little listless, just not thought through to the end - the other example design does that much better.
    Such a Saab window line consists of more than just black A-pillar.

    I think the draft is chic, but the SAAB quotes are executed so unimaginatively ... what is possible, the 9-5II clearly shows.

    So I can not fully understand the Castriota design.

  • I basically would not care, both designs are saabypisch, namely just different. If I had the choice, it would be the Castriota design. This is a modern 900 he Saab, my dream car. Hopefully the NEVS officials read our opinions.

  • For my personal taste is the rear of the Castriota design not at all.
    The red light strip and above it the rear spoiler - woe!
    And why the sloping side bend?
    Completely inharmonious - kind of Asian.
    On the other hand, the vehicle from S.Padian - a little more stretched - has something chic.
    An 9.5 in medium.
    But friends, please do not argue now.
    Happy weekend to all SAAB lovers.

  • A comparison between Padian and Castriota alone is therefore difficult, because the vehicles are based on different platforms. The Padian design is likely to build on the GM platform (Astra), so it looks much more compact. The Castriota design is based on Phoenix and thus on obviously much larger wheelbase.
    The Castriota rear is great, I'm not so sure about the sideline (Audi A5?) ... but the main thing: The Hatch Comes Back !!!

  • What a hitch, that's reminiscent of 901, 902 and 9-3 I. Since I would smoothly give my 9-3 family suit in payment. Can you pre-order and where?

  • With the Padian design no one can finally look backwards - it seems to be a new fashion ...
    I like Castriota ...

  • So ... from what you see here, I have to say, I like the Castriota design a lot better, it quotes the 900-I in a contemporary way. And the convertible also looks great, SAAB doesn't have to hide from BMW.

    The Padian design is too clumsy advised to me, just the rear looks too heavy and so does not fit at all to the front.

    On the subject of “too American”, the USA has always been a very important market for SAAB. Drawing a car in such a way that it is recorded there is not reprehensible ... and there can be no question of too little Swedish if (certainly not only) I feel reminded of the 900 at first glance.

  • I also see SAAB rather than PORSCHE, the sideline has something classic and something of the 9-4 x (roofline) I think. Would I possibly buy so if he goes from the front in this direction.

  • The rear is pretty much the same as the 99 CC - and accordingly largely to the 900 CC ... - very fine - as far as the photos allow an assessment - see

  • Building, whether Padian or Castriota. I buy everything, main thing again SAAB :-).

  • The reintroduction of a coupe would in any case be a real step in the right direction again! Hopes are rising!

  • Don't think I'm completely nuts or a so-called fan boy, but I'm so starved I would take all three carts ...

  • my first thought was: what makes a 911er here ?? where I find the rear good

  • It remains clear who my favorite is ...

  • And from the back it's a blend of the 911 and Panamera. Maybe Mr. Michael Maurer helped? ...; _)))

  • Exciting! The Castriota design is slightly Subaru-like with a strongly contoured hood. The tail is typical SAAB. Reminds me of the 900 :-).

  • In Castriota's design, the front looks very much like A5! At least from this perspective I mean ...

  • the two pictures do not allow a fair evaluation.
    the pixelated b / w images castriotas against the finely rendered color image padians distort the comparison.
    no matter - for both designs, the typical Saab tailgate would be required.

    LG from the spring-east of Austria.

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