SAAB Weekend: Design (s) Competition

Of course it was no coincidence that on Friday the pictures of the 9-3 successor appeared in the Swedish press. Saabsunited planned a big story, which was taken with the element of surprise and which will be released later. At the same time Castriota wants to attract attention. Some celebrities launch separation stories in the People magazines when one of their new films happens to be on the run. Designers present old designs so they talk about them.


Auto Motor Sport Sweden, this could be the 9-3 successor
Another design: So saw Auto Motor Sport Sweden in March 2011 the 9-3 successor.

The Saab story alone is an incredible story that could turn into the story of the year when the tapes start to run again. Perhaps a bigger thing would be the successor to the 9-3. Probably the most important model in the brand history and the first, new vehicle of a traditional brand which is unchallenged cult. For a designer a unique opportunity that should not be in this form so fast. It's one thing to design a new Golf or a Qoros. Much more exciting and a bigger challenge is a new Saab.

In our eyes the way is clear. We want a hatchback, or rather a whole model family. A saloon, as the Asian market likes, a hatchback for the US and Europe and a station wagon for the families. A cabriolet is mandatory for Saab, you do not have to talk about that. Maybe something like a 9-3x or a small and inevitable SUV. Maybe that will happen. Maybe we are completely wrong with our wishes.

Crises and breaks are always the chance to create something completely new. We know as little as Castriota what the new owners want and where they see Saab positioned. Maybe you've already done a design studio in Sweden a long time ago. Maybe Castriota is late and they are already working on a study in Gothenburg or Italy. Currently only the employees of NEVS know this.

Design is one thing. A nice hatchback Saab with a turbo engine alone is only half the battle. Buying a car is, after buying a property, the biggest investment of life for most people. To put a lot of money for a new car on the table, it needs confidence in the brand. Saab and the investors have to rebuild that first. In Germany, we are on the right track. Dealer network and spare parts supply are stable.

New series: Interviews about Saab

In the new week we talk about the Saab situation in Germany and Austria with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, managing director of the Eschborn branch of Saab Parts AB. Our interview is also the prelude to a monthly series. The blog talks to people who have something to say about Saab. They will be Saab partners, journalists and, of course, Saab drivers. Because we are the heart of the brand. Saab from every perspective, so to speak. On Monday it starts.


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  • Looking forward to the upcoming reports / interviews….

  • Now that someone from has managed to allow a “pre-series” 9.5-II station wagon in Germany (which was also considered impossible by many), I also believe that Saab can do everything ...
    : )

    • And he will not be the only one with permission :-).

    • It was the heart of the owner, but you should have pointed to this possibility in the run-up to the auction, instead of presenting it as if this was not possible in any case. That has deterred many interested parties.

      • It has been presented in this way because it concerns vehicles that are not actually approved anymore. The insolvency administrators had to sell the vehicles so as not eligible!

  • Talks everything that SAAB is on the right track! Nice rest weekend to all fans!

  • I recognize clear parallels to the Castriota design

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