SAAB day: Castriota 9-3 design & Saab passion

The designs for the Saab 9-3 successor to Jason Castriota employ the press. The never-built Saab, which could possibly have saved the brand, haunts the international media. The pictures, however, are rather blurred and justify any speculation.

Saab 9-3 Nachfoger. Design by Jason Castriota. Source: Autocar UK
Saab 9-3 Nachfoger. Design by Jason Castriota. Source: Autocar UK

More material and more pictures today has the British Autocar magazine published, which brings a short Castriota Saab story with background information. For the first time, images have been released from the front, and we see an evolution of the Saab grille and the enlarged Saab lettering in the stylized aircraft, similar to the 9-3 Griffin. The pictures from Friday, which first appeared on Swedish radio and then on auto-motor sports, are now authenticated by the designer himself. However, according to Castriota, these are not the final designs.

Saab 9-5 passion

Saab's passion never lets you go, and those who are confirmed remain with the brand! One thing that is becoming increasingly difficult. Our vehicles are getting older, the kilometers are getting more and more. There are some readers who have invested quite a bit of money in their “old Saab”. The term "old" has to be put into perspective. Because it's often about the Saab 9-5, which is then at the age of 10 years or older.

View into the garage: Saab 9-5 Griffin by Thomas
View into the garage: Saab 9-5 Griffin by Thomas

Actually, this is a critical phase for cars. For a long time no new car, from the Youngtimer still light years away, many vehicles do not survive this section. They are carelessly consumed, which does not seem to be the case at Saabs. There, investments are made and the cult Swede is made fit for the next few years. Until finally the tapes in Trollhättan run.

Or you're lucky and find a Saab with low mileage. Thomas, he has one in October plea written for the 9-5, is one of the lucky ones. His new Saab 9-5 is a Griffin from 2009 with just 60.000 kilometers on the clock. For Saab conditions, he has just retracted. His old 9-5 remains in the family, and two Swedes still populate his garage. From the blog team congratulations on the new Saab and always good drive!



10 thoughts on "SAAB day: Castriota 9-3 design & Saab passion"

  • Yes, I would like that.

  • I just carefully drove in my 2002 9-5SC with about 138.000 km! 😉

  • Congratulations Thomas and sorry Mr. Castriota,

    Unfortunately I do not like the design. It seems to me to be a big compromise between the Phoenix study and a retro design. Why is the rear eg so low? Overall, I lack the clarity and it is too playful. Maybe NEVS is well advised to double track. A real retro design for the style icon 900 and a trend-setting 9-3 (like VW with Golf and the new Beetle). The design of Padian I liked much better. Apparently, in my opinion, a Swede should draw a Saab again. By the way, a really nice 9-5! Congratulations and have fun Thomas!

  • With a little more than 100.000 km, my 9-5 must have just outgrown puberty 😉… Good choice, Thomas.

  • Pardon, but Mr Castriota's 9-3 successor design draft has nothing to do with Saab, especially in terms of the sideline. A bland, boring line is that. The rear is reminiscent of the successful 9-3 of the first generation, the bow - well. In contrast, the design by Simon Padian is a real Saab to look forward to.

  • I have your impression too. People are sitting on their boxes. I'm looking for a 9 5, and the market is empty (well, I have some criteria, but still).

  • Congratulations Thomas, dark blue with the bright leather seats looks great!

  • Here, the 9-5 2,0l SportCombi 12 / 2001 Santa Claus has first got a cure for E85 donated. So far, he's enjoying more agility and better responsiveness, and I like 1,12's E85.
    Ok ok ok there is more consumption but is 2-2,5 liter but that was known.

    Greetings Andreas

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