SAAB Cult: How Saab-crazy are we?

A friend of mine bought a new, used Saab. Since the supply in Germany is very thin, he has imported his desired Sweden from other European countries. No reason to write about it, because it happens every day. Exceptional is only the way how he came to his car. On the ad at one of the well-known portals was a phone call, which should follow more.

Meanwhile, the ad disappeared, because the seller was flooded with calls. Finally, my friend paid an extra to get to his personal dream Saab. How crazy are the times.

He is cult: Saab 900 Turbo 16 S
He is cult: Saab 900 Turbo 16 S

A quite successful used car salesman in a, as the saying goes, metropolitan area now likes to buy Saab. A Saab is a safe currency, he says, when equipment and color are right. In contrast to the countless Audi and Mercedes, who stand with him in the yard, the Swedes go quickly and without much discussion from the farm. Sure, he does not want to read his name here.

The trend seems clear. Saab is cult, and the narrower the offer, the more the prices rise. Saab drivers switch from the 9-5 I to a 9-5 II and thus fulfill a dream. Older 9-5s are swapped for chrome glasses, which are sought after and can hardly be found with low mileage. How else can you explain the story of a car dealer - not a Saab dealer by the way - from Westphalia, who advertised a Saab 9-5 sedan with less than 40.000 kilometers. The online price was revised upwards twice within half a day. Too many calls, he said, and a week later the 9-5 was from the yard. For a hefty surcharge. We don't even need to talk about the Saab Cabriolets. Some price ideas are now as far removed from reality as Trollhättan is still from the start of production.

On the way to becoming a cult: Saab 9000 series
On the way to becoming a cult: Saab 9000 series

It does not always have to be a new model or a cabriolet. Some opt for a Saab 9000 or 900 to enter or re-enter the Saab warehouse. For classic Saab sometimes long negotiations are conducted, and it takes some patience to put the desired object in the local garage. Are we all crazy or are we running from the sentimentality of past times?

Of course, there is always some Saab nostalgia when you put a Saab in the yard. Often, however, it is also disillusionment to realize that with the loss of new car production at Saab, you have lost your automotive home. Other manufacturers have nice cars, no question about it, but they lack that "certain something", the little difference that is commonly called "Saab Spirit". In the Saab you immediately feel at home, everything is familiar, everything fits. The operation is not puzzling, Scandinavian objectivity wins over the urge to experiment. A Saab is always easy to “experience”, the driving behavior is clearly defined. One of the maxims that Saab kept up to the end was to always give the driver feedback on the condition of the road. While other manufacturers are increasingly decoupling their cars from the environment for reasons of comfort, Saab has remained true to itself.

A Saab is "understatement" and "high performance" at the same time. Friend Marco, who now has two aeros in his family, knows what I'm talking about. And other aero drivers too. Relatively compact, unobtrusive cars, never showy or embarrassing, with a lot of power on demand. This is Saab and this is the gap that Saab leaves that no one has closed so far.

But a Saab seems to be even more, regardless of engine power and turbocharger. A Saab smells like a Saab, it feels like a Saab. Something only Saab drivers can understand and a world that will probably be closed forever to owners of other brands. Somewhere in Trollhättan there must have been a secret recipe that changed our DNA after the first contact. How else to explain the phenomenon Saab?

The last hatchback from Trollhättan: Saab 9-3 Viggen and Aero are on the way
The last hatchback from Trollhättan: Saab 9-3 Viggen and Aero are on the way

Normally, it was expected that after the end of vehicle production, the interest in the brand waned. Also for the blog, the team had expected a sharp decline in readership. The myth Saab surprised us again! The readership numbers on the blog are, after a brief period of weakness in the summer 2012, back to the old level, and the trend is rising.

The used car prices for the right cars have been steadily increasing for 2012. The statistics of a Saab dealer speaks of 20%, for which its purchase prices have gone up in the last 12 months. Saab partners, who have recognized the signs correctly, look forward to full workshops and trade successfully with used Saabs.

Let's sit back for a moment, let's look at the car market! The manufacturers advertise new models and low leasing rates. They are begging for our favor. For the price of one good dinner per month, we can bring home a BMW. The local dealer promises no down payment, including insurance. Audi and Mercedes salespeople call regularly and want to free us from our Swedish fleet, completely selflessly of course.

We do not even want to talk about the masses of French, Korean and Japanese manufacturers who bother us with advertising our mailbox. And what we do ? We prove to be consulting-resistant, ignore the advice, the marketing effort and remain true to Saab.

Merchants reading this post should not be aware of the dollar signs now. Because not everything that is offered is also bought. It includes features, color and history. Complete checkbook, of course, in a knowledgeable workshop, must be in younger years. Or as a trader said a few days ago: “… Only quality counts ..”, Saab fans understand what I'm talking about. And most of all, we like to buy our cars where you understand something about them. At the Saab Partner, who knows the cult Swedes.

Some of our workshops have correctly recognized the signs of the times and have taken the appropriate consequences. You are in Youngtimer mode. But used Saab are sold in new car mode. The handover is celebrated in the showroom with a bouquet and small gifts. And with a new, used Saab, they also offer appropriate rust prevention. According to the motto "we can always repair the mechanics and it should no longer rust away Saab". The dealers understood. We also !

How to find what you're looking for now, as a returnees, newcomers or if you just want to bring another Saab into your home garage, is part of an article series about the Saab cult. From now on every week on the blog!




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    After a longer break, I also want to speak again. My first car almost 30 years ago was a 99 Turbo, as you can see to my complete satisfaction, many other models followed, most recently a beautiful Aero Cabriolet. Due to a second greyhound, a station wagon was needed and what luck the 2-9 ll was announced. After a test seat (without a test drive) it was clear that this would be our next car. So we went to the dealer and ordered an Aero black “deer” with almost all the bells and whistles, the anticipation was great. We all know how things went on. As far as I know, I was one of the last to resign from the contract, by force. Then I found a 5 2006 Aero station wagon fully equipped with less than 95 KM for a fair price. The deal was perfect! The windows were tinted and 70 ″ rims (like the Independent Cabrio) mounted and our new car was ready. Now, after over 000 18/1 years without the slightest problem, I'm over the loss. I'm still happy every time I get behind the wheel, the car is awesome! Saab is and will be my automobile home and I've come to terms with the situation as much as possible. The good news is that I've never owned a car as valuable as this one ... And no, it's not for sale ;-).

    As we all know, hope dies last, let us surprise ourselves with the future. Saab up!

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    Great article, I guess I bet on the right horse….?! The blue 9³ looks damn hot!

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    SAAB, what else? Anyone who has ever had such an active car under their bum can only make compromises with other brands! Even my wife, who only drives from A to B and would like to arrive dry, expresses herself in little-known positive detail on the subject of "Mobility on 4 wheels" with regard to our SAAB 9-3! The SAAB stays until the end ...
    At the weekend, the SAAB can fly far again… ..I'm looking forward to it!

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    An incredibly powerful shot of the legendary 900 Turbo 16S! I love him!

    What if: “Beetle” as a remake, Fiat 500 as well, MINI a best seller… 900 Turbo with the latest chassis…. ???

    Dreams make life beautiful!

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    Aren't we all a bit SAAB .......

    .. also comes with 9-3 convertibles, 9-5 SC chrome glasses and 9000 CSE Anniversary
    I hope to add another 9-3 SC Vector for the big daughter next week.
    (Franzi - car is in progress)
    Tom, a huge article; Thank you!
    However that may be, we keep up with our cars.

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    Thanks Tom for the wonderful contribution! Sometimes it is also not easy for me to explain to others why I have been a die-hard SAAB driver since 1979 (99, 900, several 9000 and 9-5 and now a wonderful convertible since 2009 - the best SAAB I've ever had! My wife also gets behind the wheel and just feels comfortable with all the controls and above all the driving behavior. Except for her and my children, I don't let anyone get a taste for it anyway… Selling is out of the question for me - with the car I'll stay together for quite a while!

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    For any other brand, I would have found this article and spelling ridiculous, but after hearing myself briefly, I found that every fiber in me exulted line by line.
    Great article.
    Thank you!

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    Thanks Tom, got goose bumps again!
    I have to agree with you too.My friend always says that everything is so easy to find and she feels very comfortable in the car and that driving is more fun than in our Munich-cars we had before.

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      PS we have a 9-3 SC TTiD

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    I'm pretty much the same with the virus.
    First I bought a 900 16s and drove it, then I got a 9000 CDE 2,3 turbo and now I have a 9³ convertible for the summer ...

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    Talking about virus or DNA: I ordered my SAAB 9-3 2.8T WXD (with manual switch !!!) from the internet at my SAAB dealer in Graubünden in January 2009. I got my car in April. Now believe me or not I did not drive a 9-3 before, nor have I ever sat in a 9-3. After the first few meters, I was already familiar with the car and the joy is still increasing at about 60T KM. Moral of the story: save the calls! The car is thanks to which I happened to find the SAABblog NOT for sale

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      Then the blog has reached its goal

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    Thanks Tom, for these entertaining and very well written articles. Since the lunch break is almost gone.
    I think that we (all) beautiful Saab crazy, whether too much or too little, everyone can decide for themselves. But the fact is, everyone is here 🙂

    In this sense. Saabige greetings and all a pleasant week.

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    Oh, what have I just enjoyed the article ... 😉
    I am always happy again every day to read a new post here in the blog!


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      What is there to look forward to :-( I'm just looking for a ;-).

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