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So that it does not get boring even in winter, we continue to romp around in our fan shop in a creative way. The Saab Classic collection, which continues to be expanded, now includes the first product ideas of the Saab-Scania era. The Youngtimer collection is for fans of Saab 900 I, 900 II and all Saab 9000 fans.

Saab Youngtimer Mousepad
Saab Youngtimer Mousepad

As befits the brand from Trollhättan, all fan articles are of high quality and do not come from Asian sources. Most of our products are "Made in Germany" and are manufactured by medium-sized companies. The fan articles of the Youngtimer collection can be bought directly in the shop and soon also on site in Sweden. Because we are also supporting the work of the Saab Museum with monetary and material donations this year.

But the story goes on ... After long, tough negotiations, today we bought the remaining stock of a former - and hopefully future - Saab supplier 🙂 With good reason and because they are particularly great products. It will now take an estimated three weeks until the shipment is with us. Then we'll tell in detail this somewhat crazy Saab story ...




7 thoughts on "SAAB Tag: News from the Saab Fan Shop"

  • I just ordered SAAB items from the shop ... and I'm gripped by curiosity again ... What kind of deal did you land ??? I stay with it every day and look forward to the report!

  • It's the coolest blog I know :-). Let's see what you're up to again ...

  • Hi Tom,

    the fan shop is getting bigger and bigger. Lots of beautiful things - every day I enjoy the 1st mousepad (SAAB oldtimer)!

    I think your comment that there is a high-quality production and that the fan articles do not come from Asian sources is "snooty. Asians can also produce high quality products - this is just not always the motto.

    • If we talk about the range fan article will probably hardly apply for high quality Asian products. The SAAB sign what I bought in the bay is very thin and poorly painted. There, these things are only sold over low price 🙁

    • Well, there should not be any talk of snooty. Surely you could, if you wanted. Unfortunately, the patterns were such that we stayed with our (mini) production in the country.

  • Oh, what did you buy there? So what kind of product? 😉

    • Accessories in the broadest sense 😉 But seriously, wait and see! the thing is cool ... and pictures come when the delivery arrives.

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