SAAB News: What NEVS paid for Saab

In Sweden, a part of the younger Saab past is worked up. It is, among other things, the exciting question of what NEVS has paid for Saab. According to Sweden radio PV4 Väst it should have been completely almost 1.7 billion crowns.

SAAB Trollhattan
SAAB Trollhattan

The broadcaster has reviewed the transactions and concludes that 1.295 billion has been paid for the bankruptcy estate and 381 million kroner for the real estate share. A first deposit of 150 million kroner was made after the conclusion of negotiations and the rest on 31. Paid in August. The Saab Automobile AB was therefore sold for 780 million crowns, the Saab Tools AB for 450 million and the Saab Powertrain AB for 65 million.

Originally NEVS should have offered less for Saab, but in the course of the negotiations the bid increased. In addition to the purchase amount, 50 millions of crowns were paid to the administrators. This sum was needed to pay for the additional costs for electricity, heating and maintenance of the Saab plant resulting from the sluggish negotiations.

Thus, the purchase price is approximately in what was previously unconfirmed. In Janaur NEVS then sold an 22% stake in Saab for 2 billion crowns to the city of Quingdao. This is what good business looks like. PV4 Väst will soon publish more details on the sale of the Saab Automobil Group to investors from China. We stay tuned.



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  • Sorry Tom, that didn't go against your economic articles, they are super interesting and, from my point of view, primarily written objectively. I myself have been infected with SAAB for twenty years, so I have experienced some ups and downs of our brand. And the best experiences were, among other things, the factory tours in Trollhättan. Hence the “emotional fuss”. Please just keep it up, we need your messages.

    LG from Thuringia

  • I just can approve that too

  • In principle you are of course right. The economic articles are also much less fun for me than the Saab “quirk” ;-), but still have to be from us.

  • Why, why and why? Doesn't really matter, VM should be history for SAAB, (hopefully) ... I always get a queasy feeling in my stomach when Tom shows pictures of the factory premises in the blog, then I always have to think of my factory tours ... So let's concentrate on the future and our SAAB “Macke” live !!

  • The 9-5 II is a dream car! Congratulations! How do I always say Tom is to blame 😉

  • Well, I have to make a big compliment to Tom and his

    Without you and the blog on which I look almost every day and discover interesting news, we would SAAB fans have been left alone.

    Without the blog, I probably would not have bought a new used 9-5 II 2.8 Aero XWD with sliding roof last week, by the way, the 9-5 II is an absolute eye-catcher, a hammer-car. I can only recommend anyone who plays with the idea of ​​buying one, strike it immediately!

    Otherwise there is hardly a car brand with such a background and so many loyal followers that has almost cult status.

    One can only hope that things are moving forward now with our cult brand SAAB. Especially now with the fresh money.

    Many greetings from Switzerland!

  • That also means that the fund that invested has been refilled. Less the good food and other expenses ... This “fresh” money will hopefully benefit new SAABigen products! So, there is sure to be a wish list !!!
    Nice greetings!

  • Yes, this question is justified!

  • Businesses of this kind should probably bring tears to Muller's eyes 😉

  • and why did not VM get that?

  • Nice return. 22 percent for 220 Mio makes 1 billion for the entire store. The boys understand their business

  • 1.7 billion crowns <= 200 million euros ...

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