SAAB News: SAAB dates of the year 2013

Saab is quite alive and the community is more active than ever! In summer you could visit a Saab meeting every weekend, that's how big the selection is. It is difficult to keep track of things and sometimes the scheduling is unfortunately not optimal, so that two good events take place on the same date.

Trollhattan 2010 Saab Festival in the rain
Trollhattan 2010 Saab Festival in the rain

Saab Festival Trollhättan

It has been three long years since we were able to experience the last festival in Trollhättan. For me it's the event of the year, because the atmosphere of the events in the home of Saab is always something very special. Even the background music on these three days, a mix of two-stroke chatter and turbo sound, can only be found in this location. In addition, the hospitable mood of the Swedes and the tolerant togetherness of Saab drivers from all nations, which must have been experienced.

Trollhättan is the event for Saab lovers with vehicles of all years of construction and all conservation states. Whether in the new car condition or spent, is welcome, where Saab stands on it. The festival with a lot of Saab prominence starts at 31. May and lasts until the 2. June. Since hotels in Trollhättan are always in short supply, it is already advisable to book rooms. Alternatively, there is also a recommended campsite.

Trollhattan 2010: Erik Carlsson is surrounded by the fans
Trollhattan 2010: Erik Carlsson is surrounded by the fans

Meeting point: Saab Service Kiel

This year, a strong participation from Germany is emerging. A recommended itinerary, not only for me, leads over Kiel, where you can start in the evening with the Schwedenfähre in the direction of Gothenburg. The arrival in Sweden is the next morning against 9: 00 PM, and the drive towards Saab city goes over the newly expanded E45 in good 90 minutes.

The gathering point for the fans is Saab Service KielWhere we are in the early afternoon of the 30.5. to meet. Till, blogger of Saabsunited, will also be there, and so far two new Saab 9-5 II sports combinations have been announced. Together, we can board the 19: 00 watch at Schwedenkai, three kilometers away, and start the next day together towards Trollhättan.

Homepage: Saabfestival Trollhättan

Trollhattan 2010: Saab with Saabo
Trollhattan 2010: Saab with Saabo

Summer weekend and 36. Troll rally

Unfortunately, unfortunately, two dates overlap here. The traditional troll rally of the Saab friends Erftkreis takes place this year in the Franconian Forest. The event goes through the border triangle of Upper Franconia - Thuringia - Saxony and leads, without time evaluation, over 150 kilometers. Saab Friends Erftkreis organize this rally in a professional, yet wonderfully uncomplicated manner, at which Saabs of all years are welcome.

The participation costs including dinner 45 € per person, registration deadline is the 30 March. More information is available in our diary.

Spa 2012: International Saab in Belgium
Spa 2012: International Saab in Belgium

International Saab Club Meeting

Last year we had a lot of fun at the International Saab in Belgium. This year, the fans will have another journey, because it goes to the island. At the same time, the English Saab friends celebrate the 50-year-old Club anniversary and host the 2. to 4. August at Wicksteed Park in Kettering the annual international meeting. The East Midlands are worth a visit and more information is available here.

Saab meeting Bavarian Forest

Organizing a meeting is not easy. Matthias is very passionate and last year organized his first Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest with flying colors. Participants in the first Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest still rave about it when we talk about last year's event. The sequel is coming this year, and the event in the southeast is in the process of establishing itself as an end-of-season event.

Matthias has many surprises in store for the visitors that we'll leave to him to betray. I say only so much: The participation is worthwhile, and also here the booking should be made quite fast. Because the overnight stays in the Schnitzmühle are of course limited.

The meeting takes place from 10. to 13. October. More information and the registration documents can be found here:

German version      International version

Of course, that wasn't all, it's just a small selection of this year's activities. More Saab can be found in our calendar, which Mark always keeps up to date.





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    SAAB is definitely more alive than in the last 10 years

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