Saab 9-3 sports suit 2005 “Born of Jets”

Finally a small station wagon! The Saab-typical hatchback had had its day in the new 9-3 generation due to the infinite wisdom of the parent company GM, and the sedan was no substitute. In 2005 the time had finally come. Saab presented the small station wagon series so much awaited by dealers and customers.

Saab 9-3 sports suit Born from Jets
Saab 9-3 sports suit Born from Jets

With the typical hockey stick on the C-pillar, the new one was immediately recognizable as a Saab. Frosted rear lights made the appearance special and anticipated the development of future design elements.

Headlamps in the “Ice-blue” design were the logical consequence that flowed into the 9-3 series with the Griffin models six years later. On a compact platform, Saab designed a convincing package of space utilization and high passenger safety. The Saab 9-3 sports suit surprises with many well thought-out details. A tailgate made of aluminum saves weight, the gas pressure springs integrated into the roof, which are not always common in this class, provide storage space and protect the luggage.

After the big facelift in 2008, the small 9-3 sports suit became even better, more attractive and saab. Used it is a good buy and a car with real long-term qualities.

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  • I think not only the SC succeeded. The Aero Sedan looks for me to this day absolutely top. Personally correct, however, I personally find the series up to year 2002.

  • Happy Birthday !!!

  • Great commercial, top report!

    Although I disagree with Tom from MY 08 the 9-3 SC was not saabiger in my opinion. Outside, I find both the MY 08-11 and the MY 06-07 beautiful, perhaps the last Aero TX the most exciting. The interior of MY 06 is, however, in my opinion saabiger. Maybe not as good quality materials, but the design of the ButtonDash is fantastic. Roofing down to the last detail. No optical break and as if from a mold. The omission of SID and the integration of the GM audio and climate components was only due to the production of the Cadillac BLS! Rather the beginning of the end (MY 2006 was still one of the most successful)

  • I didn't “notice” about the shock absorbers so far ... But it makes handling the 9-3 sports suit so pleasant, just typically SAAB!
    Saabiges weekend and always good trip!

  • Well, then have fun. First of all, I have to persuade my wife that I'll get mine again. She prefers Saab than BMW. But also understandable.

  • A really nice car, which drives very, very well. Saab was something very special to me as a child, but since 2005 I had the absolute desire to have such a 9-3 SC. Thus, the admission into the Saab family perfekt was already perfect.
    Today I am allowed to “fly” with him a long way over the autobahn. From noon on, I'm going across Germany to Kaiserslautern and I'm really looking forward to every single kilometer.

    Best regards and always a good trip.

  • The gas pressure damper in the roof had the E-Class at that time, which was rather unusual in this class. This also shows that Saab has always been ahead of its time.
    And he is not that small 🙂

  • I agree. We are from another planet too ......

  • Driving SAAB is just like flying 🙂

  • me right away. she had bent at a focus times.

  • Hi Hans,
    you say something ...

  • Good car!
    During the 4 years and almost 100.000km I never noticed that the gas pressure dampers are integrated in the tailgate!

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