SAAB weekend: Saab hangar…

Carnival, carnival or carnival rages in Germany. Depending on which region you live in, the “foolishness” has different names. Our own Saab fool continued in the hangar this weekend. Since we are waiting for spare parts for our Saab 9000 CS, which has now been approved for the season, we used the time and “finalized” the Achims 9000 in the interior.

Saab 9000 CS. Already admitted waiting for the spring.
Saab 9000 CS. Now admitted ... waiting for the spring.

In many working hours we had the Leather upholstery worked up while patching holes and repainting some areas. We liked the result, also for the reason that the Swedes used very high quality materials in the 9000. Finally came the last leather care from Swizöl for use. In addition to the legendary paint care products, the Swiss have a whole range of leather products. Even hard, unkempt leather can be made soft and supple again with it, provided you have a little skill and, above all, patience.

For Achim 9000 reached the finale of the normal nourishing milk, which is not cheap with 39,00 €, but it is inexpensive. Because unlike the usual hardware store products that we have tried in recent years, the Swissvax products have some advantages. They look longer and better, and the packs are more productive. Less nourishing milk gives you more results, and the sheen of the leather is now silky, as befits a Saab on the way to becoming a youngtimer. Unfortunately, I did not have the good Nikon on Saturday, and the iPhone does not deliver the desired quality, so that pictures of the interior will follow soon.

Saab license plate holder

The license plate holders from our fan shop are very popular, and the new motif with the classic Saab aircraft is well received. More and more orders come from the United States, and honestly, we have no idea what fans are doing with them. But in the United States you also collect “European License Plates”, so everything is possible!

Have a good idea Matthias Meise, who runs a free Saab workshop in Bebra. Its customers get a Saab license plate holder with the cult slogan “Made in Trollhattan by Trolls” free of charge for inspection. A cool and very nice idea!

Saab Festival Sweden
Saab Festival Sweden

Saab Festival Trollhattan

This year's Saab Festival in Trollhattan is dedicated to historic Saab rallying activities. In the past Saab times, the Swedes were very successful in motorsport, and also for private drivers there was a rich selection of accessories from the factory. Swade has published a Saab Rally Sport catalog on his blog. It gives an insight into the wild times when Saab 96 and 99 were at home on the slopes of this world.

Trollhättan should be the event of the year! On the Facebook site Already more than 600 Saab fans have agreed to participate in the festival, including many Saab riders from Germany. Saab is very alive, and Trollhättan will be a meeting place for Saab fans from all over the world in summer. I look forward to it !




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  • It wasn't about working ... Your (?) Email address is in the link! 😉

  • Thanks Tom!

  • Is a reasonably priced car cover for 42,00 € which reliably protects against dust and is breathable. Description and source of supply can be found here in the article:
    The Hangar knows no condensation in weather changes, which is good and in our other, well-ventilated hall with half-timbered it is (almost) not an issue.

  • What kind of protective covers do you use (green cloth on the white 9000)? I found out that in my youngtimers in an unheated garage during extreme weather changes, moisture had formed on and under the full garage. This is very seldom the case and only when it has been below freezing for several days and suddenly within a short time 5-10 degrees above zero. Even under a free carport, the windows of our cars were steamed up ...

  • ... will the suggestion with the little yellow trolls be carried out? Then I would be right there!

  • Thank you for your efforts!!

  • We are still working on it and are in discussion with the manufacturer of the frame.

  • Hello Tom, will there be license plates for Switzerland in the future?

  • facebook link doesn't work for me either ...

  • Works here too. Has the blog received a re-design?

  • T (r) olle idea of ​​Fa. Meise from Bebra! Imitators are certainly welcome! I will change my license plate holder next week!
    Good week to all bloggers!

  • You should edit your Facebook link for the festival again! 😉

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