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Things develop. But mostly different than you think. On the 9. February 2011 went our first article about 300 new biogas Saab 9-3 online. So our anniversary was already on Saturday, but we do not want to be petty. In the first month, then had incredible 3004 readers, but still zero comments.

Blogger life: Saab 9-5 sports suit meets 9-4x
Blogger life: Saab 9-5 sports suit meets 9-4x

Look back. Actually, the blog should have gone online shortly after the Saab Festival 2010 in Trollhättan. At the time, I was traveling in Sweden with my friend Marco, and in view of the constantly negative Saab press in Germany, we wanted to make a difference. A small, private blog with Saab stories and tests from a Saab driver's point of view should be launched and strengthen the brand in Germany.

Due to very private and very dramatic events, the birth was delayed until February of the following year. In 24 months 2.3 million readers came, 1.590 articles were written and visitors left 8.284 comments. For our Charity project, which started later, we have since collected more than 6000,00 € in donations.

Saab partners have been advertising on the blog for over a year now, and the money goes directly to the Medical Clinic 5 at the University Hospital Erlangen and supports the work there. Unfortunately, we lost two sponsors in the last months, but that's the good news, we're talking to new supporters, so the donation stream will not dry up. After 24 months, it's time to take a closer look at a few things. Let's take control and ask ourselves four questions:

Control 1: missed target?

Somehow, after two years, the question arises whether the blog did not achieve its goal after all. Actually we wanted to support Saab Automobile AB. These no longer exist, and new cars are no longer built. The original purpose of the work disappeared after dramatic months in December 2011 at the latest. The fact that we continued to write is thanks to the fact that Saab does indeed seem to have 7 lives. A lot is happening in Trollhättan at the moment and the chance of resuming production doesn't seem bad.

Blogging is fun - right? Blogger with Alex in the Spyker
Blogging is fun - right? Blogger with Alex in the Spyker

Control 2: Does Saab blogging make fun?

Saab is a very special, slightly crazy thing. Articles like "Saab cult: We're crazy about Saab“You can only write about the brand from Sweden. Terms such as “Saab Spirit” or “Saabisch” are only available from this brand. Or has anyone ever written something about “Toyota cult” or “Audi spirit”? No? Sure, because that would somehow miss the core of the respective brand.

There are only a few car brands that are so emotionally occupied and about which you can write with passion. This includes an Italian brand (yes I drove an Alfa GTV times) or the British make. An 71 MGB enriched our fleet over 10 years, and it's one of the few cars you should never have sold. And then there is another French brand that is currently in serious trouble. The with the double angle, of which we had several models in the company and private vehicle fleet.

Saab, however, the product from the sub-cooled Scandinavia, is the most interesting of all brands, and the drama-rich history speaks for itself. One is Saab fan or not. And if it is, then really with heart and soul.

Control 3: Saab = Community?

The traditional Saab partners make you feel like you are in your own family. Always welcome, always in good hands. A special feature of the Saab brand that nobody can really explain. In the last 24 months, the blog has become part of this family. What I initially thought was a slightly exaggerated story from the marketing department is reality.

Almost every day, Mark and I receive emails from strangers, but Saab-driving people. The mails are usually very, very long. Often, the entire automotive life is reported. It's about Saab and only about Saab. These narratives and these people are not rare. And while I read the mails and then answer them, I wonder how the brand has managed not to use their potential and fan loyalty. But I will never understand some things.

Visiting Trollhattan. Mark and his now-sold 9-3 in front of the main entrance
Visiting Trollhattan. Mark and his now-sold 9-3 in front of the main entrance

Control 4: How far to the limit?

As nice as the contact within the community is, everything has at least two sides. On a normal Saab day, the blog receives more than a dozen emails. Sometimes it's about Saab events, I forward these emails to Mark. Mostly, however, advice is asked. It's about buying a new, used Saab, it's about opinions about one or the other Saab partner. Or it is about spare parts that are not available. Sometimes technical advice or direct contact with Saab Parts is also asked. Friendly Saab partners often help me with a lot of patience when I can't answer questions myself, and Eschborn is always ready to listen.

Even so, we are approaching the limit and the blog is crossing a limit. The auto industry invests - it's no secret - a lot of money in the area of ​​"social media". A well-known brand from southern Germany invests millions in its activities, and the other manufacturers do the same with similar amounts. The Saab blog world is a pure fan event, which of course has its limits. The week that the blog devours would be enough for a full-time job. But Mark and I are well covered in terms of work, and a solution to the time issue is not in sight.

We have discussed the problem again and again in recent weeks, without finding a correct solution. One thing is certain, we want to answer all mail in the future in a timely manner and keep the readers well informed. Either you do it right or not at all. That's our opinion. If the day comes when this is no longer possible, we pull the plug. That is a logical consequence without any sentimentality.

But the cult brand from Sweden seems to have their 7 life. Maybe the blog has so many lives too. You never know. In this sense: Happy Birthday!





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  • Congratulations Saabblog!

  • Hi Tom,
    Congratulations on the 2nd birthday of the Saabblog! Have been a loyal and avid reader for several months. Only a ride in my 9.3 SC Biopower will give me even more pleasure. I came across the blog by chance when I was still hesitating last year because of the bankruptcy whether I should actually buy a Saab. After the test drive everything was clear ... It had to be a Saab! Through the blog, I was finally infected by the Saab virus. For that a big thank you! Keep it up!
    Saabige Greetings from Essen

  • Hallo,

    also from me all the best to the 2. Birthday and, above all, many thanks for your effort and the great information and encouragement. I am currently driving my second Saab (after the 9-3 sedan now the 9-3 SC) and reading with you pretty much from the beginning.
    I got my 9-3 SC in the transition from GM to Spyker and during the turbulence since then it was always nice to read here in the blog, to draw hope, to despair and to see light again at the end of the tunnel.

    I hope to get another successor in three years for my 9-3 SC from Trollhättan.

    Greeting Ded2

  • Congratulations from us in Hildesheim to the entire blogger team & family and to the next 50 years ...
    Without Saab blog it would be quite boring and only through the great reports from you, I could convince my wife of its own Saab!

  • Hello Tom, Mark and Yves,

    Congratulations to the anniversary and a big thank you for your time !!

    Please forward to your families

  • Happy 2. Birthday! It would be a great pity to miss you in the future. Then rather a little less, but not completely stop. The blog is more important to many of us than the news! Greetings from Bad Langensalza

  • Happy Birthday and RESPECT for your work,
    Greetings from Luxembourg 🙂

  • Moin moin, Günter! You can count yourself lucky ... or are you planning to buy more ????

  • Happy Birthday saab-blog. Keep it up. Otherwise I would still drive Bmw without you.

  • Congratulations and thank you !!!!!!

    PS Am an old SAAB driver and currently have three pieces.

  • Hey there!
    Also best wishes from me! Keep it up! A look at the blog is part of the day's start! Thank you for your commitment.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • Happy Birthday dear blog and all those with help! It is a solid ritual every day in the blog to see what's new.
    My wish for the new blog year is please continue as before !!!

  • Happy Birthday to you. I wish I could read German because your dedication to the brand - the whole brand - strikes me as something similar to my own. Enjoy your work and again, congratulations.

    • Hey Steven;

      always a honor to know Mr.SAAB is here to read our site. Hope to see you again this year !!

      CU Mark

  • Dear Blogger Team,

    also from me a congratulation to the biennial existence and of course an express THANK YOU for what you have achieved so far.
    Also, I am one of the daily readers and would be deprived of a nice time every day, when there is no more reading material with you. Therefore my request: carry on!

    Greetings from Halle

  • Moin and happy second birthday also from me !!!!!

    Diese Seite gehört mittlerweile genauso zum morgendlichen Ritual wie mein frischer „kleiner Schwarzer“ aus der Silvia! 😉

    Ich freu mich auch auf „weitere Jahre“!!!! 🙂

  • Dear Blogger Team! Happy Birthday and many new good news in the blog in the new year! The blog ne' amount requires commitment is clear and I expressly thank the team for it! NEVER been so well informed about SAAB as in the last 2 years! That can not end! Then SAAB is really dead! If the work with the blog is too much, then hopefully again the tapes will run in Trollhättan and then can also be requested from there support! You have shown HOW the SAAB brand can be kept together and that more and more SAABians are coming to you. Also thank you for that! So, by the way, I'm looking forward to every new Artilkel in the current new year and will continue to recommend your blog to every SAAB driver!

  • Hi Tom,

    So, after clearing my throat, I have to say something about Audi. Firstly, in my personal pre-SAAB era and after the Peugeot era, I have to admit that I have often borrowed an A4 (with a 2.6-liter naturally aspirated engine and 300.000 km). It was certainly far from the emotionality of the SAAB brand, but also far from being bad. The other comment on the subject is that there are definitely Audi models that inspire me - the S1, for example, or the 100 CS quattro.

    On the other hand, these examples also teach us something. How, despite the predisposition to become a brand with “spirit”, can sacrifice it in favor of mass compatibility. None of the current models grab me anymore ... they are certainly not unattractive, but they are trimmed too much for sales figures. Even the finest interior is of little use.

    So ... oh yes, and one more thing: Happy second birthday 😉 Then the defiant phase will soon come here.

    Greetings from the Saarland,

  • Hello birthday blog ... all the best and more beautiful stories and information about our very different brand!
    So please stop for a while !!!

    sunny and sweet greetings from Chemnitz

    PS: That was a really nice evening ... SAAB fans, great people from MobilForum, the Saab racing driver Schumacher and you of course .... just who is the fat one next to you in the Spyker ??? 😉

    • Hello Alex, the one next to me in the Spyker is a particularly "infected" specimen 😉

  • Happy Birthday! Clearly, the blog has at least 7 life, what else? Tom, Mark and Yves, you are a great team!

  • Dear Tom!
    Please, please continue, the Saabfans need you and the blog !!! At the same time, best wishes for your birthday and for the work done!

  • Hi Tom,
    I have not read your blog for a long time, it just came by accident - but- I would totally miss this if it would not exist anymore. I am a Saab driver since 1978 and that continuously u. for me there is only SAAB. That's exactly how I wish your blog.
    Please continue.
    With saabischen greetings

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