SAAB day: Our view to Trollhattan

The Saab town of Trollhattan has the highest unemployment rate in Sweden, but the situation seems to be slowly easing. 69% of the 3.700 former Saab employees have found a new job or are involved in further training or retraining programs.

HP house at the stablebacka. Former headquarters of EDS, then HP, now LeanNova and Combitech
HP house at the stablebacka. Former headquarters of EDS, then HP, now LeanNova and Combitech

Expressed in numbers, according to the statistics of the “Arbetsförmedlingen”, 1.565 people have found a new job, and another 400 people are in further training measures. Unfortunately, highly qualified employees in particular have found a new job, while many workers in the production area are still on the lookout. But maybe there is hope and new jobs will be created in this sector in the summer.

Success story from Trollhattan

Engineer services from Trollhattan are in demand like never before. The Saab spin-off LeanNova continues to expand. With more than 100 employees, they have moved to the Saab factory. Together with Scania-Combitech they have rented themselves in the former HP building. In former Saab times, EDS was at home there, a GM subsidiary that ran the IT infrastructure at Saab. After the sale of EDS to HP, their technicians took care of the plant, and today, with Combitech and LeanNova, former Saab employees have returned to the factory gates.

LeanNova has Volvo and Jaguar Landrover on the customer list, which now includes 20 clients. Nissan UK has recently been added, and plans are now being made to expand to China, where an office will soon be opened. LeanNova looks after NEVS from day one and ranks investors among the “larger customers”. When you restart the Saab 9-3, you play an important role. LeanNova turned one last week and it was a successful year.

Engineering knowledge for Saab

Things could go well for LeanNova and Trollhättan. Investors seem to be serious about Saab, and maybe we underestimated their seriousness. That on the payroll of NEVS still relatively few people are, has little significance.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and not only Swedish companies are involved in the (potential) Saab comeback. Also from Germany, knowledge flows towards Sweden for a new start. That the firewall is tight and you do not read anything in the press, I see as a good sign. There is noiseless work, and instead of big announcements, facts are simply created.



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    Thanks for the information. I was there last June, and found the deserted inner city already very depressing, even though the shopping center in the north was quite busy. These are apparently tough dogs that just keep a basic optimism and have continued. I hope that the product launch will work and then really a few tens of thousands of 9-3 be built before a plug-in hybrid comes (due to the current development in purely battery-powered vehicles and the apparent flexibility of NEVS I now believe that a purely battery-powered vehicle will come only with the Phoenix-9-3.)

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    It was a good move for SAAB AB to set up a Combitech office in Trollhättan, and to keep as many ex-Saab engineers as possible in the region.

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