SAAB Video: SAAB Turbo X IAA Frankfurt 2007

It was a good sign. At the IAA 2007, in addition to the revised 9-3 series, there was a black Saab 900 Turbo 16 S and a Turbo X in the immediate vicinity of the Saab stand Saab strengths. The Turbo X, of course only available in jet black, was to build on the history of the 900 Turbo 16 S and continue the tradition of compact high-performance cars from Trollhättan.

Presentation of Saab Turbo X at the IAA 2007
Presentation of Saab Turbo X at the IAA 2007

He brought the necessary genes for it. With the Saab XWD, based on Haldex 4, the Swedes were able to present the most advanced all-wheel drive system on the market at the time. Coupled with the powerful turbo, it became the most active Saab ever. The crazy sound of the Turbo X turns every cold start into an experience, and Turbo X drivers enjoy the 30-second warm-up phase.

I admit it, Turbo X driving is addictive. Even more than 5 years after the performance in Frankfurt, the fast Swede fascinates every day anew. Has he become a cult and has he followed the 900 Turbo 16 S tradition?

After the preliminary end in Sweden a run started and the market was bought empty. Every now and then someone turns up at the well-known portals and is quickly secured by a fan. If he stands longer, there is usually a reason. A very well-known Saab partner now has a search and reservation list for the Turbo X. Do you need more words?

11 thoughts on "SAAB Video: SAAB Turbo X IAA Frankfurt 2007"

  • Yes, when I saw the Turbo-X at the IAA 2007, I knew it would be mine.
    Even when it's warm and I take the gas back, it continues to bubble
    the 99 Turbo, when he had no cat yet.
    For me, however, only manual transmission comes into question.

  • It's like starting a jet engine. And the sound from the rump flows and bubbles through the whole body.
    I get goose bumps every time.

  • Was the TX also with automatic transmission or only as a switch?

  • Everyone is looking for a sports car and can not find anyone on the street, only a lonely Saab, can he be? That goes through the mind of most ignorant people

  • The black 900 and the Turbo X next to it ... an image that burned itself into me. When I was at the IAA in 2007, I didn't even know which of the two dream cars to adore more. I was on the verge of becoming a criminal and bringing both of them across the border on a trailer in one night and fog. Great cars with an incredible fascination. My current TiD can hardly keep up with that. 😉

  • yes the bubbling is nice, especially if he is in the garage :)

  • Where he pulls the gas to start after start. He sounded like that.

  • 30 seconds…. 🙂

  • what is the 30 minute warm-up phase please?
    Greetings David

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