SAAB News: NEVS launches dialogue with Saab dealers

More good news comes from Trollhättan! Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has started a dialogue with selected European dealers. The letter we have from Sweden has been sent to various regions for a few days.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB: Letter to Saab Partner
National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB: Letter to Saab Partner

Saab goes a step further in the direction of production start, even though the letter expressly does not specify a binding date. The content is, in short, as follows:

NEVS is examining the construction of selected models of the 2012 Saab 9-3 product range and is in discussion with the suppliers. The dialogue with the 500 partners is going well, even though there is currently no 100% commitment to restart. The first Saab electric car, based on the 9-3, is under development and is expected to launch 2014 early this year. In due course, the platform of the 9-3 will be replaced by a new base based on Phoenix technology.

NEVS 170 employees currently work at locations in Sweden, China and Japan. The letter itself is the first contact, and the recipients who are interested in further dialogue are asked to check their contact details and to update them if necessary.

Once the production start date and product specifications have been determined, the sales and marketing team will continue the dialogue.

As far as the content of the letter. In some markets, the letter was sent a few days ago, in Germany, the action since yesterday. The first feedback from the selected Saab partners is very positive.

The letter is good news for Saab, for the customers and another step forward. It is one of the messages we have been waiting for. So far, 2013 is not bad for our cult brand, and it could go on like this!



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  • A step in the right direction! And continue to work quietly behind the scenes of Troll City, that's how it becomes something! It is anyway the “infinite” customer addresses at the dealers who are supposed to support the restart. And they don't have to be fully texted with advertising beforehand! The knowledge of what a SAAB is worth! And they will for sure, also THANKS to the blog, stand by the brand and bring many friends who are interested in a SAAB ..... Everything is slowly going to be fine .... Good news for the weekend!

  • NEVS is currently working a lot, and especially in the engineering field, with external companies.

  • Is that serious? 170 employees (including China and Japan) ... how should something get started? I don't know the original text from the letter, but if it is phrased as above, then doubts arise.

  • This is really good news, I am very positive! NEVS is getting more and more likeable every day!

  • Mmm, paper is patient ...

  • Good news and very slowly progressing.

  • That does not sound too bad!
    That also sounds slowly after that, that you are already far behind the scenes, as was previously known!
    I keep my fingers crossed!

  • Good News! The hope for a new car from Sweden (no no OVOLOV 😉) rises!

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