SAAB Talk: on the way and mail from Sweden

A Saab is at home on long runs, and probably the longest distance in recent days Max has covered with his friends in the Saab 9-5. He traveled from the Rhine-Main area to Trollhättan, visits the Saab Museum, and there is a compulsory photo in front of the Saab plant for the readers. Cool. Have fun in sweden!

Greetings from Trollhattan
Greetings from Trollhattan

Trollhättan in winter is a delightful story that I have never experienced before. But maybe someday ...

Post from Sweden

Mail has also come from Sweden in the last few days. The editors of Aftonbladet sent the current issue of “Bil Magazin” with the article of the 9-5 II sports suit and gave me great pleasure!

Saab 9-5 Story in Aftonbladet
Saab 9-5 Story in Aftonbladet

The Story was created with the help of Saab Service Kiel and little support from the blog. While the driving report of the Saab 9-5 station wagon still goes through the print media, we still have to be patient. The author is seeking approval and, if everything works as we hope, will bring the full story with all the backgrounds here on the blog. Impatient readers can download the paid version of the text online Aftonbladet read.

Car transporter on the way to the Baltics

When Saab fans are on the road, they are happy to see other Saabs. Our brand has become rare in the street scene, since Saab has almost completely disappeared from the company fleets. Thomas was working on A2 towards Poland when he overtook two car transporters who had loaded Saabs. Apparently on the way to the Baltics, the first truck had loaded three Saab 900, truck number two, three Saab 9000.

Saab 9000 on the way to the Baltics
Saab 9000 on the way to the Baltics

In Poland and the Baltic States, there is a strong Saab community, also there are increasingly restored vintage and Youngtimer cost. That would be the good variant that comes to my mind about these transports. The less good thing would be for the Swedes to make their last trip to Russia as cheap second-hand cars. That would be sad and the Saab world would be poorer by a few cars.

News from Spyker & Victor Muller

The Geneva Motor Show starts in March. Without Saab participation, which would have been a surprise. Another surprise conjures up Spyker and Victor Muller from the hat. If what the press reports in Sweden is correct, Muller will be presenting a new vehicle at the Spyker stand. It should "... become a big surprise ...”Said Muller about the Swedish radio.

Now we have had the word “surprise” three times in a few sentences, and that’s good. Mark, Yves and I will be there in Geneva. We will be surprised ;-).


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8 thoughts on "SAAB Talk: on the way and mail from Sweden"

  • Is there also a picture of the 900 transporter?
    What I have seen so far gives me hope: good 9000ers are increasingly heading eastwards ... while German interested parties are still struggling and need three days to look for the right train journey, vans have been on their way from there for a long time and stand at the seller the next morning - that's how it's done, that's how you get good cars if you stick to it, and that's how, in my opinion, it is guaranteed that the cars will continue to live.
    To be honest, I am glad to see a picture of such a transporter!
    Right at the front I think I can see a 9000 anniversary ... looks suspiciously like the one that was offered (from Scandinavian hands) for some time in Luebeck, with 470.000 km, most recently for 890 euros VB. Yes, there is joy - keep it up! 🙂

    • Unfortunately, there is no picture of the first transporter with the 900er charge. Front is an 9000 Anniversary to see, that's right. Much is being restored or restored in the Baltic States, but is first lost for Germany, which is a pity.

      • For Germany and its Saab friends there would have been enough opportunities. I don't mean that the cars in the Baltic States are necessarily worse off, just because we have the unfamiliar repair methods or the wrecks that we see on car transporters registered there in mind - on the contrary:
        Before the wagons flatten their wheels here or wander into the bins, “there” at least substance use is still being made.
        What spoke, for example, against the Luebecker with its almost 500.000km? An original, driving Anniversary for less than 1000 Euro VB ?! If neglected, he would certainly not have achieved this mileage ... now he can probably fill his million in colder climes. Good luck, so unknown.
        Halfway worthwhile 9000s increasingly from the three-digit price regions are disappearing quickly from the automobile markets - is it a matter of indulgence that people wait here for a finished 9000er, the dealer waiting lists are full, while somewhere else people creep up and down? They will certainly not get any more!

      • Currently you can find in 65 9000er. A year ago, it was about 100. The stock is getting scarcer and who does not buy now or hesitates too long, the missed the last chance.

  • I first see Trollhättan at the SAAB festival. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Hey Tom,

    We know the place in front of the Saab sign



  • Good morning.

    Max really has a very, very nice car! 😉

    I'm looking forward to the report on the “Kieler Kombi” - hopefully it can appear (and then at least something in German, because my Swedish, for example, is unfortunately limited to “Hej” ... and even that I probably pronounce it incorrectly )!

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