Literature, literature, literature. Lots of Saab books!

In 21 years of Saab enthusiasm, a lot of literature accumulates. Time to not only bring old Saab books to light. Our cult brand is interesting for authors, and after a long pause we will finally get a new Saab book in German this year. It can be said that it could not be the last Saab work that appears in this country.

SAAB literature. There are many Saab books. Here is only part of it!
SAAB literature. There are many Saab books. Here is only part of it!

Many Saab books, however, are antiquarian, some are still or again available. They give an interesting insight into the history of the brand, because books are witnesses of the times. A Saab book from the 90 years is in some ways like a journey through time. Much was handled very openly by the manufacturers back then, and marketing, which today dominates the industry, was still in its infancy.

We are now launching a book every Saturday, and readers can decide for themselves whether the purchase for the home book shelf is worthwhile. And we offer even more. The blog talks to authors and shows books that have never been on the market. Because the auto industry prints works for internal use via the brand for employee motivation and for sales. We, the customers, normally have no access to it.

These books are interesting. They show the self-understanding of the brand, and they show the view of Saab on the brand environment. It is exciting to see how the Swedes saw each other over the competition, and different books from different years show the changes in Saab.

Our literary series is also exciting for fans who have nothing to do with books. It's worth taking a look, and from now on it's every Saturday: literature, literature, literature!

2 thoughts on "Literature, literature, literature. Lots of Saab books!"

  • Great thing, even have 9 Saab books and the new is already ordered.
    In addition to "Spirit of Saab", I am particularly proud of:
    “Form und Funktion” a colored book from the work itself from 1995
    “Saab900” by Anders Tunberg from 1993
    “Saab 9.3” by Anders Tunberg from 2002

    I wonder what you will imagine.

  • Hello!

    Great idea ! In addition to my sabers themselves, it is the literature about my hobby that interests me most. From the workshop manuals (luckily I have everything from 92 to 9000) to enjoyable literature (e.g. Spirit of Saab) to the quasi collector “Bible” (The Saab Way) with its detailed list of all changes in the various model years.

    I'm curious if you imagine something in the blog, which I may not have known!


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