SAAB News: Police (BAIC) SAAB 9-3 in Beijing

Actually, it's a coincidence hit! A tourist, traveling in the forbidden city on 10 days ago, wanted to photograph a building and not just any car. By accident, a part of the BAIC-Saab 9-3 in police execution came on the picture. Back in Germany saw a Saab fan the photo and gave it, with the consent of the photographer, continue to the blog.

Police Saab 9-3 in Beijing
Police Saab 9-3 in Beijing

On the snapshot from the Chinese capital we see an electric Saab 9-3, as it has already been photographed several times in city traffic. What is new about it is the police version, which we have not seen before. BAIC drives the purely electrically powered Saab offshoot in everyday tests, and, as is usual in China, the authorities are involved in the testing.

It is unclear whether the 9-3 was manufactured in China as a pre-series vehicle or whether it is one of the cars that the Chinese bought in Trollhättan. In front of the police station on the southeast corner of the forbidden city was another, identical copy. Unfortunately, we only have the roof of this on the picture. Perhaps a reader of the blog will soon come and take a picture. Not from the building behind, but - please - from the cars.


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    Why does this hurt you They bought it and are using it, that's life

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    Mier it hurts in the soul, if I see how now the Saabs 9-3 since running around in China ..

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    How many times have these cars been shown?
    Why does not anyone get the idea to make a picture of the VIN?

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