Rear-view mirror: About the challenge of a new beginning

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Crises and breaks are opportunities at the same time. You just have to recognize them in time. Applied to Saab, it is the chance to restart, free from old burdens and obligations. With a history and an origin behind it, which - if used correctly - could become an overboost.

Saab is from Sweden. A nation that is considered peaceful and tolerant. The transfigured by the literature and by films of our youth. Thinking of Sweden, we think of holidays, the bright summer nights that never seem to end. Sweden is Stockholm with its vibrant life and quiet retreat on the archipelago. But Sweden is also endless space and loneliness. Sweden is an origin from which a lot can be done.

But Saab is even more! Saab is turbo technology and Saab is aircraft manufacturing. Saab also stands for high tech. The aircraft industry, Roots of Saab, has never really left Trollhättan. The latest generation of Saab Gripen is also being developed by Saab-Combitech in Trollhättan. Combitech sits in the middle of the stablebacka. The fence of the Saab plant borders on the one side and on the other side the Saab-Powertrain complex. At Combitech, former Saab automotive engineers are working on the next generation of aircraft, and the chances of finding inspirations from the aircraft industry in the next Saab generation of autogenes are almost gone.

Detached from corporate constraints, Sweden has the opportunity and challenge to create something completely new. The handle on any shelves, the use of unloved components, that does not have to be anymore. At the same time, there are no more excuses. In recent years, GM has been responsible for aberrations. This is no longer possible.

A Saab must arouse desires

The product must be right, so that the new beginning also becomes a success story. Design is important, also a little more courageous, fresher, more emotional. With an interior that is reminiscent of a jet and sets itself apart from other brands. A Saab must be desirable, the customer must want to put the Swedish cult label on his shopping list.

Saab is Sweden, right?
Saab is Sweden, right?

Technology is important. There is the choice of engines. Trollhättan hears little about it, but behind closed doors and on the test stands is even more so. All possibilities are there, and Saab owner NEVS has the chance to make a complete restart here. Saab 2.0 is a completely new company, which increases the chances of a new engine range. Previously, engines from the GM Regal were preferred, the Saab Griffin 9-3 series had direct-injection turbo engines of the Americans under the hood. In the recent past there was a partnership with the manufacturer from Munich. Unfortunately, only in first attempts, and the new, small Saab would have built on BMW and mini technology.

BMW undeniably builds good engines, and the turbo technology used by the Munich is top class. I would like a Bavarian heart under a Swedish bonnet. A bi-turbo petrol engine as a top engine, so that the Saab gets wings, and a strong, fuel-efficient diesel for frequent travelers. But that's speculation, my wish, and just one of the many possibilities. Kjell AC Bergström, a Saab veteran, also manages the powertrain division among the new owners. The name Bergström could stand for continuity, quality and still turbo-charged Saab driving fun.

The next step in Saab 2.0

When will we hear more from Sweden, and when will the plans be made more concrete? The next step in Trollhättan will be the solution of a personality we all look forward to. National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB still has no COO. The post of new NEVS-Saab president is vacant, and to occupy him is a real challenge. In Trollhättan some names are traded. The name of a former Volvo boss was repeatedly called, even a former high-ranking former BMW employee should have been in conversation. The one personality has now smashed, on the other, I allow myself no comment.

The COO is also the new face of Saab. He must represent the brand to the outside, shape and lead Saab in the new beginning. He is then Saab. Only when the post of COO is occupied, the Saab Story will pick up speed. Until then we wait. Tense and patient. As always.



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  • Japanese engines are clearly missing from the list - mostly excellent technology!

    Why not knock on Honda or Toyota?

  • Thank you. Based on an advertisement: “You will never forget your first SportCombi.” - even if only because you could sit in it a long time ago.

  • Sorry, now I was completely wrong. Yes, color and interior are right and the drive-sense is missing. He should be.

  • Anddeu is right, it is the second vehicle of the dealer tour!

  • The second station wagon combination was gray, I completely lost it from the radar

  • I agree
    (Is this actually the second station wagon combination? Is the mileage going down?)

  • To start new, it would make sense to buy good engines. Engine development is the most expensive, and if you want to focus on electric drives, then you will need any euro there anyway. Adding more resources to developing your own gasoline engine is not economically viable and SAAB is simply too small to supply more companies to cut costs.

    But the choice is limited ... Who else develops engines independently? We can safely delete GM. Fiat, PSA or Renault? All three not necessarily bad, but also no longer a top. VW? I dare to doubt it, they are increasingly thinking in terms of their own modular system. Something British, maybe Jaguar? Do they still have their own engines, or do they still use Ford? Volvo will probably also fail. That would almost inevitably lead to BMW ...

  • The market makes the price. Presumably, the phone does not stand still

  • Speaking of desirability, the price of the SportCombi linked yesterday increased from 43T € over 50T € to current 60T € (nice premium to the auction purchase price). Still lives in Saab.

  • Kai-Johan-Jiang is CEO (see

  • Is a COO really wanted - or not a CEO first?

  • This will definitely be an exciting recruitment decision. Press the thumb!

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