SAAB News: Saab visit from Riga

In the north, Saab Service Kiel is proving itself increasingly as a specialist for Saab 9-5 II and the mega-rare Saab 9-5 II sports combination. In recent days, visitors from Riga came to the fjord. A Saab 9-5 II sports model 2012 and a Saab 9-5 II sedan from the same model year.

Saab Zentrum Kiel: visit from Riga
Saab Zentrum Kiel: visit from Riga

The sports sedan with the VIN001 and the station wagon with the number 020 are made fit for the Latvian road traffic by the Saab specialists in Kiel. Happy Saab fans from the Baltic States! Both the station wagon and the sedan would have enlivened our street scene and would have been a change from the premium standard range. The design is still fresh years after the launch, and the light strip at the rear - a tradition that began in the Saab 9000 - is a unique design feature of these two Swedes.

But it shouldn't have been ... the big Saab is history for the time being, and we can only hope for better days.

The Saab Zentrum Kiel is now living Saab in the second generation, and the commitment to the fans is huge. Rare Saab parts are sourced from good contacts in Sweden, and the Lafrentz family keeps finding new car replacements for us. Currently is available Saab 9-3 1.9 TTiD SportCombi DPF Griffin Vector with only 50 kilometers on the odometer for sale. In fact, a new car and one of the few sports combinations of the Griffin series, which were made with diesel engine. An insider tip!





4 thoughts on "SAAB News: Saab visit from Riga"

  • What a beautiful pair of Saabs.

  • Really a great design - I also had a 9-5 II Combi (demonstration car) on my wish list. Now my 9-5 I Combi has to remain in use until an adequate successor model for the 9-5 II goes into production.

    Hopefully Simon Padian will be able to design the other SAAB model series after the 9-5 II!

  • Well, it is really sad that this beautiful station wagon will remain so extremely rare!
    The sight is a nice change from the everyday monotony on our streets ...

  • Great SAABs, thanks for the photos!

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