SAAB Day: Trollhättan, sports car study and Saab packages

In Trollhättan once again taken stock. The CEO of the innovation, Tore Helmersson, gave an interview on the subject of Saab to Swedish radio P4Väst two days ago. The Innovatum, as part of Trollhättan's state aid package, will receive an additional 20 million, almost 2.4 million, annually for a period of three years.

Saab packages - what's in it?
What's in Saab Packages?

Well spent money, says Helmersson. On-site automotive expertise has been maintained, and more than 500's former Saab engineers have found a job in 15's new companies. The innovatum gives the start-up companies start-up support and accompanies the way into the economy. The future challenge for the Swedish engineers lies above all in China, the market with the highest growth rates. The future prospects are very good, says Helmersson. The network of relatively small companies works, and Saab knowledge is in demand.

The number of more than 500 former Saab engineers is high and surprises me too. Actually, I had expected more churn, especially in the direction of Gothenburg. That so much skill was kept in Trollhättan is a good sign. Also for the restart at Saab.

Spyker Invitation Autosalon Geneva
Spyker Invitation Autosalon Geneva

Spyker reborn & Audi and the "Q"

Muller and Spyker will present a sports car study called B6 at the Geneva Motor Show to document Spyker's restart. The study is said to have very “saab” features, Muller let the press know today. A Saab Aero X as a Spyker or something like that? What Spyker is currently showing us does indeed look a bit like a Saab-style cockpit. We will see the blogger team will be there.

Geneva promises to be interesting even without Saab. The Chinese-Israeli joint venture Qoros presents its first production car, former Saab employees are also involved, and the Volkswagen Group shows nerves in advance. The GQ3 sedan must not have the “Q” in its name. The civil chamber at the Hamburg Regional Court has issued an injunction at the instigation of Audi. The "Q" at Audi stands for the SUV range and, hmm, you see a serious threat in the newcomer. Or how is the story about “Q” to be understood?

There was still the story with the packages

As announced, we bought the warehouse of a former Saab supplier. It took patience and the power of persuasion from family members, but we made it! The parcels have now landed in Germany, and we've been unpacking and taking photos ever since. Tomorrow the story will be resolved, what totally Saab-crazy things have come to us. If you don't want to wait so long without patience, you can ask Google with a little detective flair 🙂



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  • A small note on the prohibition of names: Porsche actually wanted to call the 911 901. But could not, as Peugeot has protected designations with a “0” in the middle. Are just such little games among manufacturers ...

    I'm really looking forward to the B6 model ...

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