SAAB News: SAAB 92 Concept

It was not the good idea of ​​Saab for once! Just two years before the Swedes, it was the English branch of the Munich-based carmaker that had 4.000 Concept Minis manufactured for the showrooms. Saab moved to 2002 and developed the Saab 92 concept car in the design studios in Trollhättan. The Swedes were still at the forefront.

Saab 92 Concept by Colorfrog
Saab 92 Concept by Colorfrog

First, the Saab 92 Concept was presented at American auto shows, and later, the concept cars featured as pretty color samples in the international showrooms. The basic idea was to bring the customer closer to the interaction of color, shape and light with the help of a miniature.

Today there are many imitators of this idea. The concept cars, made in Italy by Colorfrog, are available from Fiat, Hyundai, Subaru and other manufacturers. However, only the Saab has the appeal of this special shape, based on Ursaab and Saab 92, the first production car from Trollhättan. The color samples in the Saab partners' showrooms had already worked their magic on me in recent years! However, it was difficult to get hold of old samples.

A few weeks ago we came up with the idea of ​​asking the supplier. With a lot of patience and the charming persuasiveness of an Italian family member, we managed to buy the remaining stock. These include rarities such as the “Crytal Red” shade, which was intended for the Saab 9-4x and was actually only delivered twice. By the way, one of these 2-9x is in German possession, In addition, there are many other colors of the vintage 2011 and older vintages.

A reproduction is no longer provided by the manufacturer, and whether it comes under the new owners to other orders, is uncertain. The remaining stock of these extraordinary pieces is now available at the Saab Fan Shop. A unique opportunity for design and Saab fans!



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  • Thank you Tom, I ordered one in crystal red right away. Admit, the temptation was there to take such a model with you from the dealer - of course I didn't do it.
    It's also more enjoyable by legal means. Keep up with your great ideas.

  • Mega brilliant idea. SAAB has always been a great shop!

  • Ha ... I always looked enviously at something like that while waiting in Halstenbek, for example!
    Then I always thought that such a thing would look good on my desk or windowsill ...

    Now one in silver is (almost) mine! 😉

    Tom, that was a very good idea !!!

  • Great action! I already have some of the models in the showcase ...
    Too bad that they are so big and it has become sooooo tight in the showcases 🙁

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