SAAB News: The Castriota Phoenix 9-3 Story

Saabsunited's friends have just released the long-awaited story of the Saab 9-3 successor. With the consent of designer Jason Castriota, there are images that show the design close to the production version. Whether the variant shown, everyone must decide for themselves. I have seen several stages of development so far and am still unsure whether it would have been the car that Saab had secured the future for.

But the cards are being reshuffled and the design is, one way or the other, a design from yesterday. The complete article on the Phoenix 9-3 and what would have been under the bonnet, you can read, with pictures, at Saabsunited.


Image: saabsunited

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  • I think it's great that the secret of the Castriota Saab has been revealed. Also in the linked article are some exciting information about the latest developments at Saab before the lights went out.

  • Well, honestly, I think the draft according to Link Torben not really the hit. That looks too much like Audi. I do not see in it a distinctive, self-contained design that could do justice to the original Saab philosophy, according to which the function determines the design (just think of the heavily curved windshield in 99er and 900er).
    I prefer the draft under this link:
    This study is quite similar to the one that Torben presented, but it looks much more sophisticated in detail. It is not entirely clear whether the pleasing, not very pronounced notchback - just like the 9000er back then - has a tailgate or not. In my opinion, that would be an absolute must - if only for the reason that Audi, with its 5-door models A5 and A7, which in my opinion are quite successful, is not too big a slice of this niche market, which Saab has actually shaped for a long time , can cut off; there is obviously - provided good marketing - real potential ...

  • Funny how quickly you can change your mind !!! A few days ago half of the readership thought Castriota's draft was still great ... Personally, I can only repeat myself: Padian, Padian, Padian !!! I don't think that SAAB can be successful with a new edition of the 900, and certainly not if it looks like this design. Something new is needed, with a design that is a logical further development of the last model series (9.3 and 9.5). Torben's link is more interesting, but there are still too many Audi trains at the front. Only these "beautiful" daytime running lights are missing ...

  • Castriota did exactly what you could expect: American / Asian design with a dash of SAAB history. My opinion: Simon Padian, please take over!

    The study in the link goes in the "right" direction.

  • The car has something, I'm not looking at the picture of the men from Asia, at the bottom of the guys from SU uploaded a photo of the model, this has certain features I like. It's just a model and not nearly at the end, the thing has potential. Torbens Link awakens more emotions, I realize, give the team around Castriota some time ...

    For even with a new owner you will not just forget the Saabgene because this keeps the buyers at Saab

  • I mean, of course, the "Torben variant"!

  • Oh yes it is - this is how it has to look! To build! Just the front, the grill ... otherwise just sooooo boring cars out there, I don't want any of them, but this one that rocks !!!

  • Maybe I'm wrong, but that looks like a trunk that is way too small. How am I supposed to move a washing machine from A to B when I have to? Lots of storage space behind the hatchback has always been an important feature on the 900 and 9-3 I and would also be a must for me on the new 9-3.

  • Nah, that doesn't look good. After the Phoenix study, I would have expected more, slimmer & more elegant and not so pretentious. You can recognize a few elements of the predecessor, but the hood ??? The prototype from October 2010 and the Sonett study look better.

    But the link from Torben is definitely better, so he would be great

    • Not bad, very dynamic!

    • already clearly clearer lines, the front a little less shark mouth and larger windows and a less looking after Audi headlights I would still be fine. Rear one can not see, but a large tailgate would be mandatory. A Saab not only has to look good, but also be practical.

    • Mhmm ... so should it look like an Audi (at least from the front)?

  • Oh oh, I can't do much with that right now. Okay, pictures are not always the same as the original, but the first impression is not really SAAB in my eyes. I think the SAAB spirits are divided here. Many a design study from "old" SAAB times was more emotional. Well let's see ... 🙂

  • Luckily it never came ... Honestly, what is that supposed to be? Looks like a pregnant cow ...

  • Then disillusionment is spreading. That does not work, too limp, no tension.

  • From the front with a few retouchings for me feasible. However, the rear does not work

  • Does not work at all. The fender falls down-front down. The hood is reminiscent of the old Opel diesel hoods.
    For my taste, a new 9-3 would have to be based on the old 900. The hood could, for example, go around the corner like the 900. That would be a unique selling point. A straighter windshield is also possible with the Mini ... No one needs a uniformity. Cars only become cult if they build on traditions (e.g. Mini or Jeep Wrangler)

  • Too clumsy for a SAAB and the scoop on the hood, poof. That is not how it works

  • More Subaru than SAAB!

  • Really glad that the part did not hit the road like that. So at least Saab has a good memory

  • Not bad - but don't stop Padian!

    The castriota design lacks the sporty accents. The car seems somehow clumsy and cumbersome!

    • I see it the same way.

  • Uii ... actually I like "quirky cars" ... but whether I would have liked that .....hmmm, I don't know.

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