Long-lived Swede: SAAB 9-3 in the Dekra Used Car Report

Every year, DEKRA publishes its used car report. The Saab 9-5 is due to low quantities, no more attention. In contrast, the Saab 9-3, Sweden's best-selling model, is still present in German statistics. What the DEKRA has found out, reads well.

Saab 9-3 - Swede with long-term quality
Saab 9-3 - Swede with long-term qualities

Here the DEKRA comment: The classic Saab driver is usually faithful to his vehicle for many years and attaches importance to regular maintenance. The below-average defect rate in almost all areas shows that the owners are not so bad on the way. The vehicles over 100.000 km consistently score better than the class average in the DEKRA Check.

We have it in black and white again! A Saab is just a long-term car. Do not be afraid of high mileage. The detailed report can be found here. Interesting is the direct comparison with the colleagues from Gothenburg, the view over the fence so. DEKRA takes the Volvo S60 here. While the Saab is in the middle of the class in almost all criteria or better, the Gothenburg is significantly worse. The Volvo no quality from Swedish steel anymore? Or do Saab drivers just care for their cars better?

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  • At that time, my SAAB car dealership was responsible for me, because unfortunately I can not deliver any more data. But at NORDIC TUNING in Sweden, on the page for the 9000 2,0t under Stage 2, there is an attachment that looks like mine: http://www.nordictuning.com/main.php?tuning=9000&sub_page=1
    Maybe this helps…

  • Manfred from Salzburg

    Greetings to all; where do you get this stainless steel plant, who produces it? Thanks in advance for the feedback!

  • I'm usually always a friend of original parts, but in some cases it can be really worthwhile taking a look around the O-parts market. After all, there are other well-known manufacturers who may not have such weaknesses.

  • I can confirm that. I drove a Volvo 740 GLT and a 850 for many years after my SAAB 900 MY88.

  • I can only confirm that I have under my 9000 for ten years, a stainless steel system, which is very well made and at that time only about 100 € was more expensive than the rusting standard, runs well quietly. Only the flexible tube after the cat is still normal material and every few years.

  • That's something you like to do.
    Unfortunately, it is also true, with the typical breakage of the suspension spring. This was with me on both sides two weeks ago. But there are worse and the repair was quick and was not too expensive. Now the family member is healthy again 🙂

    Saabige and wintry greetings from the Lusatia. Marco

  • Source link to Dekra?

  • Hmmmm ... I can sign like that. But shock absorbers are still OK, and with a stainless steel exhaust, rust is not a problem there either. Only the pipe between the catalytic converter and the muffler looks quite oxidized ...

  • The 9-5 is also represented in the report. And under volume classic.
    Has received very good reviews there.

  • Unfortunately, with the introduction of the 850, the quality of the Volvo has steadily declined. The “right” rear-wheel drive Volvos are practically deadly!

  • I would guess the latter ... SAAB drivers are probably more attached to their cars. I can at least apply the quote to the 9-5 for myself personally.

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