SAAB Video: SAAB 900 Turbo APC 1982

Today we travel back 30 years into Saab's past! It was 1982 when Saab presented the 900 Turbo with APC Control and thus a new generation of engines. From now on, a Saab Turbo could also burn gasoline with a low octane number without any problems. The commercial, it is a really small film with a length of 15 minutes, takes us back to the advertising world of the early 80s.

Saab 900 Turbo APC 1982
Saab 900 Turbo APC 1982

Some things seem a bit strange today. The mobile phone built into the Saab, a status symbol at the time, is reminiscent of the antique devices of a bygone era. Perhaps that's why the film has something of a cult character. The world seems full of Saab 900 Turbo, everyone who is self-respecting seems to own one. Those who drive a Saab earn admiring glances.

So it couldn't have been the worst time, the early 80s. The film was produced for the market in Sweden and is therefore Swedish and English. Sometimes with Swedish subtitles and the picture quality is poor, I admit. 30 years ago it was still analog times, and anyone who had talked about the Internet, smartphones and the like back then would have been a visionary or a crazy one. On the other hand, Saab's APC Control was revolutionary and reality. Have fun with the film!

8 thoughts on "SAAB Video: SAAB 900 Turbo APC 1982"

  • Great movie! 😀

  • Nu Nu ... you waited a long time! 😉
    Tobias is just one!

  • Fantastic !!! I had a Divx of this movie and it had lost !! I love it !! Thank you Tom!

  • Beautiful movie. Exhaust sound and power window noise conjure a grin on my face.
    Thanks for that, Tom!

  • The Saxon says: just uh, dream.
    Still waiting for the barn where a 900 is waiting for me. 🙂

  • Excellent! A great time document from the good old 80ern.
    The fact that the Saab 900 really comes from a completely different time is well expressed in the film; Amazingly, I am not even aware of this when piloting a 900 - which is unfortunately far too seldom the case - because due to the perfectly coordinated chassis, the direct steering with the phenomenal angle and the fantastic acceleration, you feel much more in a car from our time in a 30 year old vehicle.

  • A wonderful journey through time ...

  • Wow, a really historical strip. Like it

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