SAAB Weekend: Saab Creative and 9000er Rescue

Every now and then a good deed, right? I was on a clear mission with friend Max on Friday. It was about a Saab 9000 CSE, 280.000 kilometers on the clock. One of these specimens, which are particularly vulnerable to export. No Aero, no Anniversary, but a nice beige leather interior and a correct, black exterior color.

Saab Creative, New cups of the Saab Classic and Youngtimer series
Saab Creative, New cups of the Saab Classic and Youngtimer series

With the 2.3 liter soft turbo and continuously maintained in a free Saab workshop, a car that is still good for many kilometers. Wouldn't it be the evil enemy in the form of the brown plague that gnaws at the Swedish steel. Hmm ... what do you do with such a Saab? The clear calls from the export industry piled up with the owner, who would rather see him in Saab-loving hands. We, what I mean Max, bought him. For a small amount due to the condition of the body.

How it will continue is still not certain. The problem is reminiscent of the situation we had a good 10 years ago with the 900 of the first series. Bodywork costs a lot of money, and back then some 900 were disposed of. Today one would refurbish these copies, because the prices for a good 900 have multiplied.

Saab 9000 rescue: Yesterday in snowy Hanau
Saab 9000 rescue: Yesterday in snowy Hanau

For many everyday Saab 9000 the situation is comparable now. Estimated 4- 5.000 Euro would cost to put the Saab in an 1a state. Is it worth it? Currently not. Currently the 9000 is safe. Let's see how the story of Max and the Saab evolves.

Saab Creative

Take a look at our "design studios" ... For the Saab youngtimers and classic series, cups are on the way! Production starts on Monday, and at some point soon the new items will find their way into our fan shop. But there is no end in sight to our creativity. We are experimenting with mouse pads, a Saab 96 oil filter that is supposed to become a cup, Saab conversation notes and much more to make our everyday lives even more “Saabish”. Oh yes, the Saab tin signs are available again after the first edition was literally torn out of our hands. The new edition will be on its way to the fans on Monday!

Crazy? Yes sure ! But apparently we are not all alone 🙂 Our in-house print shop also seems to be infected by the Saab virus. Small Saab print samples hang everywhere, and only the company car park is in the hands of third-party brands. A situation that could change because the first signs are already there. Because once the virus is on the advance - at the moment it has infected the printing presses - there is no longer any escape.

Badly it got three friends in Switzerland. The three are incurably Saab-crazy. Relief or even cure is completely excluded. What's up with the trio, I'll tell you this week on the blog.






5 thoughts on "SAAB Weekend: Saab Creative and 9000er Rescue"

  • “It would cost an estimated 4-5.000 euros to put the Saab in a 1a condition. Is it worth it? Currently not."

    Is it worth it? Naturally. Even at the lowest market prices. Because a good 9k costs 5000 double marks - either immediately or in workshop installments. The latter is much more likely, because really good 9000s are damn rare and are rarely published. So there are only cars with more or less maintenance backlog (which can still run for a while at low cost, as I was able to experience with the 7-euro Griffin). But if you want to get chic you can quickly get to the 5k or more, no matter which car you touch.
    To try to answer the question “is it worth it” with a view to the market prices that are currently in the sky is the wrong approach. One would have to ask a counter-question: "What would I have to pay elsewhere for comparable utility, comfort and fun?"
    Then almost every 9000 gets away well. Good, unklimatiserte suckers without cruise control and with window cranks not, but they are fortunately in the minority.

  • ... the Swiss from the Saabhalle, right?

    • Exactly, Matthias, the famous Swiss are.

  • But the 9000 really doesn't deserve these creepy ATU hubcaps. Better bare steel then. Otherwise, please more pictures, also of the interior ...

  • Yes, it's a shame how neglected the 9000er is, when it's a really great, safe and turbo-fast driving machine.
    Even a 9000CS 2,3FPT with overhauled engine and outwardly no rust can be had for well under 2k €.
    But the Germans rather squander a lot of money in the direction of WOB, S and M * incomprehensible * and so many a passenger is surprised that my 21 years old companion already had all sorts of features that they know only recently in their new car.

    But that's how we stay the driver of exquisite moving, comfortable, safe sofas

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