Production start uncertain and engine rumors

It's one of those articles that makes my worried wrinkles on my forehead. On Saturday, the local newspaper in Trollhättan had the production start at Saab in the sights. Six months before the start of production should actually start the hiring phase, only there is no activity detectable. One reason for the TTELA to ask some questions to NEVS press officer Mikael Östlund.

V6 with sequential turbocharger in the Saab
V6 with sequential turbocharger in the Saab

Östlund confirmed in a conversation with Valdemar Lönnroth of the TTELA that no recruitment process had been started yet. However, so Östlund, it is not sure, if you need a run of 6 months. Because, according to the press chief, intern employees deal with the production preparations. The negotiations with the suppliers are still going on. In addition, according to Östlund, the number of suppliers is shrinking to just 500. Much less than Saab had in days gone by, and a clear indication that more and more third-party expertise is being purchased. Saab 2.0 could become a very lean company.

The TTELA thinks it has information after the Saab petrol engines will come from China in the future. There was no comment from Östlund. Yes, yes, the rumor mill ... Interestingly, more is known about the work on the 9-3 successor than about the possible configuration of the "old" 9-3. On SU, these rumors were a topic a few days ago, and the author said he could suggest to his readers that it didn't matter what was under the hood of a Saab.

Is it like this? My first Saab had a turbocharger and 16 valves. At that time an argument for me to drive Saab. A classic 900 without turbocharger and with 8 valve technology would have been too old for me. The successor had intercooler, balance shafts and direct ignition. The Saab 9000 CS was the most environmentally friendly car in its class at the time of its release. For the 9-5 Biopower, which came much later, spoke the advantage of a multi-fuel engine. I never cared what was under the hood. Who drives Saab, which has a certain claim. A Saab should also be premium, a word that NEVS likes to take in the mouth. A Saab, I think, should have a certain value, which is better for the core.

Under the hood should be an engine that corresponds to the brand. Eco-friendly, with turbo, and innovative. The successor to the Saab 9-3, said Östlund on Saturday in the TTELA, should be three to five years away. A long time in the auto industry and too long for NEVS not to produce in Trollhättan. In plain language, the production start for NEVS is thus without alternative. This makes it all the more important that the old 9-3 becomes a convincing package.

The body may be a classic, but under the hood should be convincing technology. The adaptation of a new engine, because GM really seems to be out of the race, takes time. The test stands in Trollhättan are running, with whatever. Hello NEVS, take the time!

So that we understand it correctly. NEVS had never promised a production start in KW 34, but only promised. Also, NEVS has not yet withdrawn this date. I do not care if the tapes are in KW 34, or KW 40. I can live with the KW 50 or the January 2014 too. It's the product that matters. The package must be correct, a Saab must be a Saab. There must be an adequate engine under the well-formed hood. Then the classic to which the 9-3 II matures is also a success.



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  • Upsala, now it does not matter where the engine is built. Why is it important that Saab still manufactures in Trollhätten. Frankly, adjusting to the circumstances at Saab sometimes goes too far.
    Does anyone know if this Saab could ever come to Germany? Or does NEVS really want to import like Volvo to China with high duties although there already the aufgehübschte old 93 derivative rumfährt?

  • I do think that when looking for a supplier for engines - or at least basic engine packages that can then be adapted - you should look around on the European or possibly Japanese market (thanks, Joachim). Until an engine corresponding to the brand is built in China, some water will probably still flow down the Yangtze. Especially when you consider the premium aspect. If SAAB wants to stand out, then Premium shouldn't stop with the choice of interior materials, but rather go below: Whether you use toothed belts or chains for the valve train. Whether the material thicknesses in bearings and body parts correspond to the minimum or are more robust. SAAB stands for things like that rather than a pimped up interior.

  • China engine? Who would SAAB be interesting for? At most a few Chinese, but that can not really be in the sense of NEVS.

  • The Saab H Engine licenses (successors to the B205 & B235) have been sold to BIAC in China ...

  • China Motor is questionable in the sense that it comes from a no-name manufacturer that is Chinese for us, because the product then has no Saab character but always builds on old licenses and is probably not necessarily innovative, but which manufacturer would then be considered ... ……

  • The thing is clear the product must be right. If it does not, our SAAB becomes a hobby and a new car comes as a family car. Maybe a Subaru, maybe a Freelander. The blogger is right as always

  • So for me an 100% NO NO THANKS and the guaranteed end of my love with Saab.
    If there is an x-any yawn boredom-Chinamotor will do its services, the emotions of a Brillance (have fun ever the BS4 test driven), then one may rejoice: Subaru Boxer.

  • Tom, didn't you confuse “what” with “where from”?

    It does not matter where the engines come from, but I agree with you that a Saab has a modern engine with reasonable fuel consumption and mileage, but whether this engine is built in China, Spain, USA or Germany is perfect with consistent quality no matter.

  • China engine sounds so bad. However, also build VW and BMW and whoever engines in China and who says something about poor quality. NEVS should take the time it needs to get a good product on its feet or wheels and not let it be pressured by the press.

  • Yes NEVS should take his time, a few weeks more or less it does not matter now. But dear Tom you should take the time and clean your engine cover 🙂



    • Yes, yes, as soon as the snow is gone ...

  • Thank you! Once again a worth reading, interesting article!

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