SAAB News: Saab Halle Altnau

Saab passion knows no bounds. Achim and I moved into our Saab Hangar a few weeks ago, and there has been a counterpart in Switzerland for many years. The local Saab Halle is located in Altnau, but the story started in Kreuzlingen almost 10 years ago.

Saab Halle Altnau
Saab Halle Altnau

Three positive Saab infected joys have come together to live their hobby. There's Gabor, he was only 13 years old when he convinced his parents to buy a Saab 900 GLS family car. His first own Saab was an 99L from 1973, which he still owns today. Today he has collected a total of six Saab generations. His Saab collection is dominated by the classic Saab 900.

Pascal, the second in the trio, was infected by Gabor and bought a sky-blue Saab 22 at the age of 99. This was followed by a white Aero, both of which are still in possession today. Later came a Saab 9000 CD, a CS, a Saab 95 and currently a 9-5 Combi.

David, Pascal's little brother, somehow “traumatically” experienced all of this in his childhood. Consequently, his first vehicle was a Saab 900i from 1987. His first Saab was replaced in 2005 by a three-year-old 9-5 Aero. A 96 V4 followed shortly afterwards and a white 2009 Turbo convertible from 900 in 1991. Saab crazy? All three, without question! But I feel like many other fans of the brand.

Back to Kreutzlingen. The 100-square-meter hall there quickly became too small, and two years later David and his friends moved to a larger domicile in Altnau. Over the years the trio has collected more than 20 Swedes, so that space is already running out again. Vehicles are “parked” with family and friends, but this is not a permanent solution.

That is why some restored Saabs are handed over to good hands from time to time. And the cult Swedes are literally ripped out of the friends' hands. The Saab hall has now got its own website, and I think there is potential for much more. You can feel a lot of Saab spirit, but the hobby should remain a hobby. It will not be a restaurant for the cult vehicles from Trollhättan, at least the good intentions of the three friends. I'm not so sure about that ...

A virtual visit to “” is definitely worth it and we will keep an eye on the development. Achim and I want to practice a kind of "self-limitation". Because there is also limited space in our hangar, and the purchase of additional Saabs is impossible. At least for the time being ... A very nice 9000 was advertised a few days ago. We would have liked that too, but it was sold quickly. Phew, we have circumnavigated this cliff ... Until the next offer ...


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  • I live close by and have driven past this hall so often. I never thought of anything that an "inconspicuous" Saab logo stuck to the window. It's good to know these guys exist.
    Thanks to Tom for tirelessly helping to keep us well informed.

    Saabige greetings from Lake Constance

  • Which 9000er of the last days did you find interesting?

    • In the Netherlands there was a delicious 9000 Anniversary with just 150.000 kilometers and incredibly beautiful equipment at an “almost free price”. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Amsterdam is far away.

  • We are just real fans and passionate supporters of this car brand.

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