The forgotten Saab R900 Group A

Winter 2013. It's cold, there is snow on the streets and in the gardens. A garage in Upper Franconia. The gate swings open slowly and reveals a Saab R900. A real rally Saab, built on behalf of Saab Germany, used in the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring.

Saab 900R as he looks today
Saab 900R as he looks today

The only one of its kind in Germany worldwide there were only three pieces of this type. Today the Saab R900 is a shadow of itself. After an accident in 2001, it was straightened in a specialist workshop and the panels primed. The Saab is capable of rolling, but it needs attention.

Much has changed in the last few years. Builder Ulrich Weinmann has since left the engine scene and is taking care of his other passion. Over the years he has earned an excellent reputation in the racing bike scene and built up a new economic base. The relationship with GM wasn't going well in the end.

The marriage was and was ended in an unpleasant and very painful way for Uli Weinmann.

When he talks about the Saab Rally, there is pride in his voice. He likes to talk about this project, and you can tell that a lot of passion flowed into the Saab. But the Saab Rally is the last vestige of a life he would like to end. The Saab has to go, there is no room for sentimentalities, and Ulrich Weinmann is looking for a buyer.

A piece of Saab history with racing history. Nürburgring, Hockenheim, local events. The vehicle needs some work that is not that bad. At least not for someone who knows something about sheet metal. For a few dangerously long seconds, I check the situation and consider buying the Saab.

We'd have space in our Saab hangar. This is tempting and leads to thoughtless action. Hmm

There are mountains of racing parts for the Saab, neatly sorted into Saab-Scania boxes. In addition, all documents for the Rally Saab. Well. I already own 5 Swedes from Trollhättan. With that, all has been said. Because the number 5 is the upper limit, defined by the family as the controlling authority. OK then!

For Saab collectors, the 900R Turbo is still a good deal. A unique vehicle with a unique history, fully documented. This material without end and a purchase not from anyone, but directly at the designer. The delivers many stories about the Saab for free and very nice.

There are few real Saabs rallies in Germany. There is only one German group A project that was conceived here in the country. So we are talking about automotive cultural assets. The Saab R900 deserves a new home and survival!

Interested parties can contact the blog team and we will pass the inquiries on to Ulrich Weinmann.

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    It would be nice if somebody would find the SAAB back on the Nordschleife (VLN and 24 hours races).

    The last SAAB in the 24 hour race was, if I remember correctly, a 9-3 sedan.

    That was nine years ago.
    Who will take him back to the Green Hell?

  • blank

    This wording "I check the situation for a few dangerously long seconds and think about it" saved my afternoon yesterday. Understandable 🙂

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