SAAB Tag: Crime Scene with Saab 99 and Saab 900

I like the way he writes his blog. Alex from Saabism "all the good Saab things" has his special style. He lives Saab, and on his blog you can find not only the usual business news from TTELA, but also things about daily life with the brand from Sweden. In a nutshell, Saabism is refreshingly different.

Saab 99 in the crime scene of 1974
Saab 99 in the crime scene of 1974

Alex and I have had contact for a long time that doesn't tear off, although we both also have very interesting lives beyond Saab. Even if some readers don't want to believe it ... After we presented the dark green Saab 99 model from NEO yesterday, a mail came from Alex shortly afterwards.

In a crime scene of 1974, an 99 in that color goes through the scene with the commissars. Alex has found two crime scene series crime thrillers with Saab involvement and posted on his blog. A crime scene with a Saab 99, another 1989 with a white Saab 900.

The particularly Saab-heavy scenes, two times 4 minutes, are available on Alex Blog to see. Have fun!


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    You don't have to go back to 1974 ... I recently noticed that Jörg Hartmann is also driving a 900-I in the new Dortmund Tatort (limousine, if I'm not mistaken). And during her time as a commissioner in Offenbach (police call 110), Barbara Rudnik was also out and about in a 900-I.

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    Only that the newly introduced NEO 99 in dark green is a 1975 and not a 1971, as incorrectly stated by NEO (easy to recognize on the grill - from 1975 and on the bumpers and indicators - from 1972)

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    Hi Tom,

    I find it nice of you that you point to the blog of Alex. Here are next to really always interesting things to discover. Very nice style and I realize straight grad: There are really only great blog pages about Saab, a joy for every Saab fan on the different sides always to discover something new. The blogs often transport the really beautiful stories and pry open the most beautiful Saabschatzkisten.

    Until then, born from the jets - born to be alive!


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