Technology group. Saab Scania Image Film 1989!

Maybe it was the good time for Saab. Or maybe not, because the crises of the 80er years forced Saab to sell the car business. At the time, the Saab-Scania Group was broad-based. Aircraft, satellites, buses, trucks and cars construction. Even computers made the Swedes and set up some data center at that time.

Saab-Scania Image film 1989
Saab-Scania Image film 1989

Integrated technology companies quickly became out of fashion in Europe. Just as the manufacturer in Stuttgart separated from its subsidiaries, the Saab-Scania Group sold the car and transport business. A wrong decision? Might be.

In Korea, the Hyundai Group manufactures everything there is today. From consumer electronics to shipbuilding and sausages, Koreans invest in all business segments that promise profits. They do not drive so badly. With their car brands Kia and Hyundai they hurry in Germany from success to success. Where would Saab stand today if the Swedes had continuously expanded their business?

It is nonsensical to ask for "what-if-if". In the film, a Saab Gripen ignites its afterburners, the EV1 chases the test track in Trollhättan, drive Saab 900 and Saab 9000 CD, the luxury sedan from Sweden through the picture. Finally, there is a family reunion. Scania LWK, bus, Saab car. And from above floats a Saab civil aircraft. Great, bygone time!


Source: Saab-Scania

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  • Really impressive!!!

    What does it mean:
    "Only those who burn themselves can kindle fire in others."

    Considering that many of those who founded Saab's reputation through their hard work
    Today, as their next generation children have not understood how to manage and improve this unique heritage, it's just sad it no longer exists.
    It is really very rare today - if not even unique - that makes a (former) brand enthusiastic and addictive.

    This week I had to cover one day over 1000 km in one go and it was an experience to meet two other Saab drivers - that connects !!!
    What other brand can claim this, where evil daytime running lights should clear the left lane.
    And with such an "old" concept you can still keep up very well. And it is different.

    The seats are just great.
    No younger seat from known vehicles (foreign brands) could convince me so far.
    Partly cheap and thin leather - after a few months or years with friends who drive this brand worn and frayed - just sad to have to lie down so much money for so-called German premium cars.


    The Saab 95 as 2.2 is quite comfortable.
    But as a deer version genius!

    The torque is great and the suit to 170 really great. And then you need patience.
    And I can drive it from 5.5 liters to 8.1 liters. Depending on your mood. Without filter.
    And still with entry permit for the environmental zone.
    With debris and special permit.
    And there can be no filter broken me.

    In this sense ...

    drive your SAAB's!

  • You do not really have to comment on the movie, it speaks volumes and makes you think. Somehow but also nice to "belong" ...

  • If my tehse is true that well-known brands or products in a group pull the "simpler" (Bentley-> VW, BMW-> Mini, etc.), the sale of Saab Automobile may have been doomed from the start. While Saab Automobile benefited credibly from the high-tech image of Saab AB, GM was faced with the problem that Saab would have to be the postitive model for Opel, for example. What they could have done; with appropriate management.

  • Hm, no speaker? That surprises me…

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