Blog internal: Saab Parts AB sponsors Saab Charity Project!

The answer came without hesitation! When I met with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of the Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH, a daughter of Saab Parts AB, talked about our Saab charity project, came his spontaneous pledge. As of today, the Eschborn branch is on board as a new sponsor.

The Tower in Eschborn: home of the German branch of Saab Parts AB
The Tower in Eschborn: home of the German branch of Saab Parts AB

With our project we support the Medical Clinic 5 of the University Clinic Erlangen in the fight against cancer. Erlangen is one of the most important centers in Germany and, yes, I know it is a topic that one does not like to read about. It is all the more important to take responsibility and to make a difference with small commitments.

That in the Eschborner Tower a lot of Saab Spirit is at home, that has been repeatedly proven. The fact that this legendary Saab spirit is not just limited to the subject of automobiles, but that it also supports other, important topics speaks all the more for our brand and the people behind Saab. Swedish Distribution Services is responsible for the market in Germany and Austria, so there are rotating banner ads for both markets. With the advertising on you are closer to the community than ever before, a good signal!

The team is pleased to welcome Swedish Distribution Services Germany as a new sponsor and sends a heartfelt thank you to Eschborn!


4 thoughts on "Blog internal: Saab Parts AB sponsors Saab Charity Project!"

  • Somehow I have the feeling that you have felt more positive spirit of Saab in the last few months than in the last ten years. Let's keep our fingers crossed for another positive development.

  • Nice thing. You also like to buy advertising.

  • Nice ... Only who came up with this name for the German subsidiary ... Doesn't sound really "great" ...

  • A nice move of SAAB Parts. Speaks for Mr. Schuhmacher and his SAAB team!

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