SAAB weekend: simply annoying ...

Everyone who deals with the automotive hobby knows this. A few years ago, it happened to me the last time. With a friend I was on the way to buy a Saab 900 Turbo sedan. The pictures were promising, the seller overoptimistic. Locally, the Saab proved to be a non-salvageable scrap object, the pictures turned out to be 10 years old.

Saab more than a car, what else?
Saab more than a car, what else?

The owner had then bought a top Saab for little money, maintained 10 years zero and now wanted to make even more cash, because the cheap used had become a cult car. Bad only that he had not invested a euro all these years.

On Saturday I was traveling with friend Achim in Lower Saxony. A Saab 9000 CS, a few kilometers, two previous owners, who were both older men. According to the seller no rust and well maintained. Good conditions, right? It sounded good, so that we set off with Achim's diesel company car in the direction of Hanover.

The story looked less friendly on a farm. We were able to view the unlocked car for a few minutes without a salesperson. Melee marks all over the car, missing wipers on the headlights, smoking car with a yellow sky. The engine oil is a tough, black broth. On the basis of the “historical” service stickers, it was not clear whether the last change had taken place 30 or 40.000 kilometers ago.

More serious, however, were accident damage at the rear on the driver's side with poorly repainted and leveled rear and a hit on the passenger door. Here, too, painted with a subterranean quality, filled and a gap as large as it could have been on the line in Trollhättan not even after the “Midsommar” festival. Both types of damage, the origin of which could not be determined on site, must have occurred at the same time, based on the style of the painting work. By the time the seller, who is not the owner, came on site, we had lost interest in the Swedes.

To save one's honor, however, one must add that the friendly seller sells the Saab for an older neighbor and has little idea of ​​the matter himself. He also had no idea who the two crazy people who showed up on Saturday were, and he certainly didn't expect a blogger. The Swede's condition then made him pensive himself, and now he has a chance to correct the ad.

These things are annoying, but they happen. Did it spoil my day? Not really. Because it was the first beautiful spring day with lots of sun, and in the afternoon I got the best out of the day and celebrated the personal season start 2013. If you are interested, you can read it on our Youngtimer Blog.

Saab at the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

Oldtimer Markt magazine has a Saab 96 rally replica in its fleet, and we have reported about it from time to time. On the 50th anniversary of the historic Saab victory, the Saab 96 was launched again. It was only enough for 178th place, but that's not the point. To be there, to hold the Saab flag high, that is a question of honor that the Oldtimer Markt team successfully defended. The fact that Erik Carlsson was also there, personally lowering the starting flag for the Saab, shows how strong the Saab spirit is.

How to drive without ESP, ABS, distance radar, lane assistants and whatever with a historic two-stroke Saab over snow and ice-covered roads, it also arrives, shows the video, which  Oldtimer Markt has set. Class !

Saab meeting Bavarian Forest

Matthias, who is organizing the Saab meeting 2013 in the Bavarian Forest, has delivered a short interim report. In the Schnitzmühle all normal rooms are occupied, there are only the lodges and the larger rooms bookable. In addition, the campsite offers as an alternative. If you want to join, you should book soon. Information is available in our diary. Matthias, thank you for the tireless work for the brand!



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  • It has happened to me twice that a vehicle was sold to another prospect a few minutes before my arrival. Also not a nice experience, I can tell you. Otherwise, one sees and smells a lot only on site, because the pictures can be so promising, the sales statements still be so full-bodied. All the more enjoyable, if you come after a long search then but still on his / her wish of a lover's hand

  • Oh, I have already experienced something like that. It should be a well-kept Saab 9-3 Bj. 2000 with about 130000 km. In fact, the car looked like it had 430000 km on the clock. Inside and outside completely finished. For that I had accepted a journey of 250km in purchase. I was completely served!

  • For sure everything is free and annoying! But what could be better than to drive your beloved SAAB in dream weather!

  • Everything for free - except for the gasoline.

  • I know that as well. You drive hundreds of miles and everything for free. Thats live

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    If you are looking for an 9000 cse please contact me. Photos etc by mail.

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