SAAB meeting 2013: Off to Trollhattan!

Hotel and ferry are booked! At the end of May, the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. From Frankfurt to Kiel, where on Thursday afternoon Saab Service Kiel the fans meet. Then in the direction of Schwedenkai, the ferry to Gothenburg and on Friday morning together via the newly extended E45 to Trollhättan.

Off to Trollhattan!
Off to Trollhattan!

So far, fans from the Rhine-Main region, from Saxony, southern Bavaria, the surrounding area of ​​Hamburg and from other parts of the Republic have announced that they will spend a weekend in Saab City. There are many Saab drivers who have never been to Sweden before and will visit Trollhättan for the first time.

There are signs of strong participation from Germany, and I think there is no better way to experience Saab than at this place in Västra Götland. The whole city full of Saab, turbo sound and two-stroke chatter on every corner and a Saab density that we can otherwise only dream of. Where else is there a chance to see a Saabo or a Sonnet I? Or the chance to talk to Erik Carlsson? In 2010 Marco and I were at the festival in Trollhättan for the first time, and it was also the spiritual hour of birth for If I had known what that would entail ... hmm. But that's another topic! For many reasons we would not have thought that we would be there again three years later, so it is all the better that a new Saab event is taking place in Sweden.

If you are thinking of going to Trollhättan, you should book soon. The ferry contingents are limited in the summer months, hotel rooms in Trollhättan are in short supply. From the Saab Festival 2010 I put together some impressions for the undecided. Well worth the drive, Trollhättan is a charming place and the best place in the world to be Saab fan. And yes, it does not always rain in Trollhättan. Here are the pictures ;-).



11 thoughts on "SAAB meeting 2013: Off to Trollhattan!"

  • I get really jealous, but almost two weeks later I start my big Sweden tour. My Saab can take a look at its home all the way up to Lapland - me too, of course.

    Twice Sweden within 14 days is too far from the Munich area. But the stopover at the Saab-Museeum is a matter of honor. And surely there will be a nice photo on the tour, if there is another photo competition.

    Hejda Ded2

  • Two Thuringians are also there, looking forward to it! Maybe there are even more ...

  • Moin Tom!

    My dad would definitely go back.
    He can not leave until Friday morning.
    When do you take which ferry?

    good time!

    • Our ferry leaves Kiel on Thursday evening and is Friday against 9: 00 clock in Gothenburg. Other fans drive over Denmark at night. Something's going on

      • Moin Tom!

        Can you contact the Denmark Route drivers? Do-Abbend in Kiel is too short.

        Thanks in advance u always good trip!

  • At least four Saabists from Austria and two from Switzerland are already scratching their heads ...


    • Excellent! I am glad. Do you also drive via Kiel?

  • Pity! I learned it too late. I'm from the 12. to 19. June in Sweden to visit the SAAB Museum.

  • 🙁 my god i look old in the picture 🙂 Carlsson looks younger than me 🙂

    But schönnnnnnnnn will be back !!

    • Oh, and now you're 3 years older

  • I am planning on going too, my plan to drive to Rostock on the first day, the on the second day take the ferry to Denmark, then onto Trollhattan on the second day.

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