Saab day: Nyköping and Eschborn

While it is still very quiet in Trolhättan, positive news is coming from Nyköping. The Saab Parts AB went today with good news by the Swedish press. The service network of Saab is growing and has gained three new operations in Malmö, Helsingborg and Mölnlycke.

Saab Parts AB Nyköping
Saab Parts AB Nyköping

Another three authorized service partners are expected to follow, meaning there are more partners in Sweden with almost 160 Saab bases than before the bankruptcy of Automobile AB. After all, 400.000 Saabs are in the Scandinavian country on the move, many times compared to Germany. The business of Saab Parts is developing well, and the Swedish state as owner seems satisfied.

Of course, it is unusual for a brand without production to expand its service network; normal would be the opposite. But what has ever been normal at Saab? A reader comment in the last few days got it straight to the point. "Somehow I have the feeling that you have felt more positive spirit of Saab in the last few months than in the last ten years"Commentator Michael may be right.

Not only in Sweden is the service network being expanded. In Eschborn, it reports the Flurfunk, are several applications for authorization on the table. Companies that have been Saab partners in the past want to be there again, and independent workshops focused on Saab are also interested. Conversations are ongoing, because there are requirements that have to be met. All this is not official and a little indiscreet of me, but shows the uninterrupted attractiveness of our brand.

Maybe some of us had a difficult day today when not everything went the way it should. Happens ! To cheer up, there is the production start of Saab today. 100 cars are built, and only the internet magazine "The Visitor" it has noticed. And Victor Muller and Pang Qinghua are also there. Hmm.

Okay, somehow the clocks are really different in England. "The Visitor" is only good 24 months behind the current development back. Can only get better ...


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  • The applications of the former Saab workshops were organized to my knowledge by Saab!?

  • 1. On the subject of "service network expansion '+ activities": You get the feeling that you could finally get rid of the GM shackles and now finally can develop as you want it and it makes sense.
    But maybe that's also what NEVS 'preparations are all about?

    2. Message "The Visitor": This is similar to our local newspaper, which always get everything viiiieeel later with or write from other newspapers 😉

  • If you look at the density of authorized SAAB partners in Germany, and then maybe that under some sail under the Opel flag and SAAB for this is the secondary brand, then SAAB is already a growth market for previously independent repairers. The authorization could be worthwhile - especially as SAAB drivers are generally considered affectionate, especially at specialist companies. It brings with it regular customers into the house.

  • The Visitors message is also still under the heading NEWS, should then but maybe better YESTERDAY NEWS

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