SAAB News: Saab 9-5 II sports kombi meeting in Kiel

They are, you have to say, historical pictures. Four Saab 9-5 II Sportkombis gathered in Kiel. When we will see so many station wagons together in one place, is uncertain. It is only clear that there is a missed future opportunity of the brand from Sweden. The sports combinations are sought after and sought after, and the lucky few who own one have a very individual vehicle.

Saab 9-5 II sports in Kiel
Saab 9-5 II sports in Kiel

The Saab base in Kiel is now a non-official competence center for the never-in-series vehicles. With a lot of enthusiasm and good relations to Sweden we provide service for the 9-5 II series. For the owners of the station wagons it is good to know that things are very professional. Saab Service Kiel has parts for the pre-series vehicles in stock, and a Swedish-German network helps with technical issues.

The pictures show the different equipment levels and the different versions of the tailgate, which would have been different for Europe and the US market. Of course, the Saab station wagon meeting had a reason. It was about the approval for road traffic. On Monday afternoon, the dealership Lafrentz was able to report success. Mission accomplished and three of the 4 vehicles are now back home. One in Switzerland, one in the Baltic and one in Sweden. And in the north, a sports suit is permanently on the move.

When can we expect a Saab 9-5 II sports combination meeting again? The next date is the Saab Festival in Trollhättan, and three or four station wagons have already been confirmed. Let's see ... maybe there will be more ...


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  • It was just a question …. Before the auction there were many voices that said that the station wagons could not be approved for various reasons. But great for buyers.

  • Also with Labskaus and peas and carrots

  • Always come to the test. Ing. Can you (if he wanted) also enter a sausage turn signal

  • Originally it was said that an approval of the pre-production vehicles is generally not possible ??? Now yes?

  • Simon, the car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel is the best contact for such questions, also with regard to Switzerland. Just call, you are very nice and competent.

  • It is sad that these vehicles are so rare !!

  • Can someone tell me how it is now with the approval of the 9-5 II station wagons? Is that possible in Germany? Here in Switzerland it's a huge theater! Permitted in the canton of Zurich according to the road traffic office, in Bern according to the road traffic office with individual purchase 5500 SFr. Thank you for your answers!

  • Beautiful cars….
    It's really, really a shame that SAAB didn't get a chance to come onto the market with this great car! That's exactly how I mourn the 9-4 ...

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