Saab design. SAAB 9-3 MK III from Gray Design

The brand must have a great appeal. Because how else can it be explained that people deal with the topic Saab. For example, there are 3 seasoned, professional men who wear Saab jackets and visit the Geneva Motor Show. Or design studios that are constantly producing new designs on the subject of Saab.

Saab 9-3 Mk III. Design Eduard Gray
Saab 9-3 Mk III. Design Eduard Gray

From Sweden, the home of Saab and Gray Design, in the past with the Saab Sixten came a draft of what a new, smaller Saab might look like. Gray is now positioning his idea for the Saab 9-3 successor. The 9-3 Mk 3 looks like luxury and value. The rear is a mix of Saab tradition and Porsche, the front takes on well-known Saab themes. The proposal for the new Saab is more 4-door coupe sedan and much more interesting, more dynamic than the Castriota design.

Although the design of Eduard Gray is extreme and with no chance of mass production, the proposal has a lot of charm. If the 9-3 Mk III now has a steeper, curved windscreen, then the design could really pass as Saab. But even with the design studies you just can not have everything.


Images: Gray design

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  • Oh, no, I would not spend any money on this mainstream.
    May he screw around a sick patient who thinks he can do something.
    Tailpipe in the middle as is the trend, big wheels that don't fit into the picture, the hockey stick somehow pushed to the side and a strange entry edge on the doors.
    SAAB once had something of an “expression of something different” and stood for new things with roots in aviation - that is now being forgotten more and more.
    So if that were the future, our old “treasures” still have to be looked after.
    All good!

  • Hello Klaus !

    Entirely my opinion ! Looks like a flattened New Beetle! Dreadful !!!

  • Oh god, so set in the photo scene with the same color etc. a current VW Beetle (ugh!) Also looks like the Ursaab in silhouette ... and many other cars with a round roof too!

  • I like it! The side view immediately reminds me of the Ursaab.
    And if I read the other comments like this, I would probably sign the sales contract very quickly before another bankruptcy intervenes ... 🙂

  • The Saab Sixten matched the design language a lot better and was a pure fun car 😉 we'll see what the future brings, Tom would now pull out the “G word” 🙂 right?

  • Folks, you are completely wrong! That's the rear of the latest VW Beetle! ;-))) After all, it is much more interesting than Castriota's design ...

  • Looking at this design, I can only think of one thing:
    Completely wrong!
    The designers should try sleeping well and probably without 2,5 per mille in their blood ...

  • The design is pleasing to the eye ... However, SAAB also stands for design follows function! For me this means that the rear is unsuitable for a large hatch: The person / user has to stretch too far into the trunk ... The roof line is more a coupe than a 4-seater: Can people who are 1.80 cm tall sit relaxed AND get in without any problems? I already had “difficulties” getting on the back without contortions during the last 9-5 .... (am 1.83 cm long). I like the front a lot! The curved windshield is also recognizable again ..... SAAB comes through! And please: DO NOT borrow from your competitors! It's just embarrassing! The "Porsche-Panamera rear" is also a mistake in the original ......
    A good accident free week and THANKS to the bloggers for the trip to Geneva

  • I can not really make friends with the design. Twice visually quite nice but somehow I lack things for the ME Saab stood. Due to the coupe-like lines, the design loses a lot of practical benefits. The round rear would be impractical for a hatchback, a combination version would probably be complex to implement.
    For me, the Padian is still the best design.

    Greeting Ded2

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I can not find anything nice or saabian. The front reminds me of the Chevi Volt. The rest is Jaguar and Porsche



  • Very, very attractive and much more dynamic than Castriota Design!

  • A great design which I like a lot better than the Castriota design. I would and would optically immediately order this vehicle. Have a nice Sunday in the round

  • A great litter that immediately caused my heart to pound. In the front maybe a little too much of a Chevy but maybe it only bothers me because Chevy is GM. At the time, I would have loved to have sold it during my active time at Saab and of course owned it myself. It would also be interesting how the dynamics of the rear would have looked in the convertible.

  • The rear end is top notch, even if it is very “porschy” or something 😉 The design is certainly not functional, but very beautiful!

  • PPS
    to functionality: The exhaust would fall through here, because the rear impact would be not only the whole rear apron, but also the exhaust.
    What speaks against sensible rods of fabric like those that could still be found on 9k? Yeah, it doesn't look that great, but you don't need a new rear apron and a visit to the painter if you come across a lamp or a street sign while parking.
    This only as an example for my above opinion.

  • PS
    Must of course be called “functionality”

  • looks NICE,
    but more important than the design would be functionality according to “form follows function” - which Audi is now supposedly advertising with:

    - Space for 5 people
    - LARGE tailgate (people are always surprised at what fits in the trunk of the 9k CS)
    - No gimmicks
    - thoughtful details
    - LIGHTS on as soon as the car is running (there are still too many people driving without lights, even in poor visibility conditions)
    - COLOR (for safety through better visibility)
    - reliability (a must in times when Asian competition advertises a 7-year guarantee)
    - Saab aircraft in the grille and at the rear (ok, that's a purely visual gimmick)

    Well, I'm curious how the 9-3III will look like.

    How about an internet platform where the oh-so-loyal Saab fan base could vote on what to expect / want from the next Saabs? That would have earned the loyal Saab clientele and would set Saab apart from the competition.
    Is probably already too late for 9-3III, but with the 9-1?

    good time!

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