Geneva Motor Show. The newcomers Qoros 3 and Tesla S

The first European appearance of Qoros was eagerly awaited. Not only we were full of expectations, also the auto press plunged in Geneva on the new brand from China. Eric Geers, former Saab press chief, had promised us Saab DNA in the Qoros. And Qoros sees itself as the first premium brand from China.

Qoros 3
Qoros 3

Both of these, you can rest easy, do not apply. Except for a turbocharger under the hood, we have found nothing that points to Saab, and the story with the premium claim is one thing. Because the Qoros has - after the first impression - two faces. There is the exterior design, which was designed by old master Gert-Volker Hildebrand, the man who designed the Mini. The cover is valuable and routinely drawn, small details such as the Qoros lettering in the headlights and rear lights show attention to detail. But that's not new, the Volkswagen Group sends its regards.

The Qoros logo, reminiscent of a large speech bubble, the future buyer can not escape. The grill is always quoted the trademark, and that's a bit too much of a good thing. The exhibition vehicle itself, it had a 1.6 liter turbo under the hood and a dual-clutch transmission and will come in this configuration later on the market, made a dynamic and high-quality impression. Until you enter the interior, which shows the second face of the Qoros.

The first impression shows that despite European development aid, Qoros is still a bit off the premium. The gray plastics are on Opel or Ford level or a bit far below. Perhaps a black interior design, as in the first press photos, would have made a better impression. Some things are also quite unstable, such as the glove compartment or the small, foldable storage compartment on the driver's side. The cockpit is unmotivated designed, the large touchscreen carelessly fitted into the gray plastic. Did or did not Hildebrand want to offer here? One thing is certain: the shell is good, the interior needs more attention to detail.

The Qoros touchscreen speaks “Microsoft” and brings iphone integration. You can scroll through the menus with two fingers, and everything is simple and quite intuitive. If it likes ... because sometimes the display just turns dead and doesn't like. Qoros is also a good deal behind what would be possible in terms of graphics, but that can still be the case. Tesla, also a young company, shows what is possible at a higher level.

Behind Qoros are big names like Magna Steyr, TRW, Continental, Bosch, Getrag, Benteler, Lear, Microsoft and Harman, who have provided development aid. For a new car of a new brand, the Qoros 3 is quite impressive, even if the exhibit still had some weakness in detail. Example complacent? Just put in the Qoros, close the door. Between the door trim and the B-pillar, the white lacquered sheet glows inches wide.

The Chinese are accelerating. At the end of the year the sedan started in Europe, then new products were added every 6 months. The station wagon and hatchback were already on the exhibition stand. Germany is on the list in 2014. Qoros should be taken seriously. Audi is already doing this and, before Geneva, banned the Chinese from using the letter “Q”.

The three “Saab visitors” who dealt intensively with the car were also taken seriously at the Qoros stand. After a while I was asked very politely to vacate the space in Qoros 3 for another “customer” ;-).

Quoros Check:

Enter: Because the employer is Qoros or because you are a Chinese civil servant. Why else?

Get out: Because there are a dozen good alternatives in this market segment that do not come from China.

Tesla S at the motor show in Geneva
Tesla S at the motor show in Geneva

Tesla S

Is the era of electric cars over before it started? You could get the impression because the Renault electric fleet received little attention, the Fisker booth was little visited, and the interest of the journalists was also limited at Tesla. Which is a shame at first glance. Because the Tesla S attracts with a range of almost 500 kilometers and an exciting design. So we strolled excitedly over the Tesla booth ...

There are these cars that look better in real life than in photos. Strangely, the reverse is the case with the Tesla. The car looks less good and spectacular than expected when it stands in front of you. The Tesla appears conventional and unassuming, maybe we were too spoiled by Fisker in terms of design. Unfortunately, this impression continues in the interior. Tesla tries again, this premium word. The Tesla is not a premium, the Tesla is a US car. A thin seat cover of animal origin, supposedly nappa leather, with Alcantara accents. Cheap plastic and a cheap, I can't think of any other word, interior decor, as the Americans love it. An Asian visitor was sitting in the seat next to me, taking pictures and shaking his head. He also spoke of a " US Car ...".

Can be even better for the European version, because Tesla starts with the S in Germany with prices between € 71.000 and € 109.000. More is expected! The highlight of the Tesla, but at the same time also a question of taste, is the large 17 ”monitor in the dashboard. Wow, one might think, because the computer menus and the graphics are top notch. At least the details shown are pleasing, the graphics are fast, beautiful, and every driver can configure their personal preferences with a few clicks. In contrast to the Qoros, which looks very old against the American, everything works perfectly in the Tesla, and if you want, you can read the current daily newspaper at the same time while a TV program is on the other part of the monitor.

What makes the Tesla sympathetic is its hatchback. No one else dares to use a large hatchback in this market segment. There is also an additional trunk in front and a large panoramic roof. That's the way it is, and the Tesla is definitely an interesting story. Because the brand goes its own way and does what other manufacturers would like to do. Blogs work to build a Tesla community. At least Saab is already a big step ahead of the American electric car pioneers.

Tesla Check:

Enter: Because the Tesla has a cool flatscreen and Munich-Frankfurt is possible with a battery charge.

Get out: Because Chevy plastic for 71.000 € is then too much to ask.





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  • Articles can be very interesting. Another matter is reality. You have to go to China and look at the many young entrepreneurs, some of them multimillionaires, roaring around in Ferraris. Do not think that they lack initiative ...
    However, I hope that they will exchange their companions soon in Saabs!

  • I do not think so, there's a lot of hype and fear behind it. Recently, I saw in the Physics Journal (DPG Monthly Magazine) a very interesting article on research in China. In summary, it can be said that the young generation there, in particular, attracts attention with its outstanding literary knowledge, but then it hops away from creativity and personal initiative. In addition, it is better to research what is already in vogue in Europe or America, but does not set its own accents.

    And let us not fool ourselves: To build a motor that is a top-notch product, something more is needed than to propose the theory of cycles.

  • I think one shouldn't make such a fuss about the Chinese boxes. They will - SAAB - NEVER - achieve. Just fear that someday it will turn out like it did with Volvo. The Chinese will build your car and not a Scandinavian one, whether Volvo or Saab. This is all about copying and the like. Bleeding out like the Americans did with Saab. In any case, I'll never buy a car from China. Saab remains Saab.

  • I would approach the matter with the Chinese more cautiously and only remember the Japanese in the 1980s and the Koreans since 2000 ... And the Chinese are VERY hardworking, quick and capable of learning ...
    It will not take so long and we Europeans will have to go to China to learn things !!!

  • I don't expect premium (yet). Such a Qoros is not sold through emotions, but through price. If the Chinese enter the market with aggressive prices, there will be initial successes. A prerequisite is, of course, a sensible dealer network. Visually (exterior design) I find the models more appealing than the cheap brands from GM or VW ... You can still work on the quality of the material until series production.

  • According to Qoros, well below € 20.000 to get started. On the Qoros side you can already configure your “wish-Chinese”.

  • The front reminds me more of Chevro ... sorry, Daewoo. That you put these cucumbers in a row with Camaro, Corvette and Impala (!) Is unforgivable, forever!

    But you could be right about the Dacia prices, I've since heard from various sources that the Qoros 3 should cost around € 12-14.000. That would put it at the upper end of the Dacia scale, but it looks a lot better. But then I have a problem, namely which group of buyers in Europe Qoros wants to address. A big car for little money, all well and good. Those who want to spend little money are more likely to be looking for a small car. And those looking for a car the size of the Qoros 3 will probably turn up their noses at the “cheap” and “China” labels. Who wants to keep explaining where the components come from?

    But after all, after Landwind (does anyone remember this rolling pile of junk? The junk piles of this world may pardon me for the comparison ...), and Brilliance - where the packaging material was still stuck to the components in the interior - the Qoros is another step forward . At least someone has apparently noticed that things are not quite possible without development aid from Europe. And the suppliers all have illustrious names and a lot of experience.

  • Honestly, Qoros is a joke with this copied yawn design and the intended prices.
    Qoros could be taken seriously if the (price) orientation was towards Dacia.
    Take a look at the front: Renault Laguna from 2001 sends its regards (if the upper part of the Laguna is black ... 12 years ago!)
    And the taillights on the station wagon? Are those directly from Wolfsburg from the Golf 6 Regal?
    Who should buy such a car?


  • Let's see how the crash values ​​of the Qoros turn out - they will probably not come close to the SAAB level despite western participation.

    Is there anything to report about Muller / Spyker?

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