Geneva Motor Show. The comeback Spyker B6 Venator

You can see it! The past years have not left Victor Muller without a trace, the Saab story has also demanded tribute from him. Nevertheless, he is back, and he is the surprise of this year's car showroom. The former Saab CEO celebrates world premiere with the Spyker B6 Venator.

Spyker B6 Venator in Geneva
Spyker B6 Venator in Geneva

An event in which the financier and major shareholder Pang Quingnian could not be missing. The Youngman CEO, together with Victor Muller, had a presence in Geneva and they both talked about their big plans. Not only is the Spyker B6 going into production, but the Spyker D8 luxury SUV is finally being built. The former in Holland, the traditional headquarters of the manufactory, the latter is to go into production in China.

As always, there are a few question marks with Spyker. The engine with 375 HP plus X should come from Audi. Should ! But it might not come after all, as we are told. It could also be a different supplier. The B6 Venator itself is a typical Spyker. Muller has stayed true to the design language, everything is just a little more compact and a little fresher. As always, the interior is blessed with a lot of luxury and high-quality Spyker-style equipment. Understatement, that strange word, does not appear in the Spyker philosophy. Suitable for the brand's customers who love an overdose of extravagance and luxury. As initially suspected in the press, he is not a Porsche killer, but an abundance statement on four wheels. The first B4 customer comes from Russia, and that is where the main markets for Spyker are likely to be, as in China.

Muller has done a show of strength in recent months. The production machines have come back to Zeewolde from England, and the brand comes to life again. Respect!

Interesting are some stories on the sidelines, which made the Spyker stand to a booth of a different kind. No other brand had more security than Spyker, and something made the security people nervous on the second day of the press.

The three gentlemen in the black Saab jackets attracted attention and gestures were made. Finally Victor Muller was briefly brought to "safety" past us. To be back at the booth just as quickly after we disappeared. Well, Muller doesn't want to talk about Saab anymore. That is past and closed. He thinks. It won't have been up to us though, the nervousness has other roots. In Sweden and the Baltic States, negative stories about Muller are making the rounds. The reason lies in his friend Antonov's Snoras Bank and its bankruptcy. If what is being written proves to be true, Muller's joy at his comeback will be short-lived. The past, which he believes to be closed, then comes back.

Spyker B6 Venator Check:

Enter: The toy for Russian young oligarchs and the daughters of Chinese mining moguls.

Get out: Because there are alternatives with more style and taste in this price range.



8 thoughts on "Geneva Motor Show. The comeback Spyker B6 Venator"

  • What is meant is that the people at GM were primarily responsible - this has now been adequately illuminated. Still, Muller had completely overestimated himself when applying as a buyer.

    Kai Johan Jiang has set up a corporate empire in China in the last few years that makes Spyker look like a dwarf! GM could easily stifle a prospective buyer in the order of the present owner with the addition to Muller in the germ. As you know, then followed by further refinements by the Americans (denial of licenses, etc.).

  • No matter what others think and mean:
    Victor Muller is and remains my hero! I like this man (platonic of course only ...)
    A surgeon who has tried in vain, but to the last and by all means, to save his dying patient!
    Of course he failed, but he was not the only one who tried ???
    Without him I would not have any 9-5 II in the garage.
    When the kids are out of the house I get a Spyker, that's promised!
    Thank you, Victor!

    • Maybe I'll try it; if there is no new 9-5, this could be a good alternative

  • In any case, you gave VM a real scare 😉 I guess they were expecting a protest when you showed up ...

    • It can be. Three times “Man in Black” 😉

  • The fact that in 2010, of all places, Muller was awarded the contract by GM as a buyer of SAAB-Automobile, becomes more and more clear on closer inspection: With Muller and his "possibilities" one was apparently pretty sure that things would go wrong!

    But this is no longer relevant, at least for the SAAB community. You can turn it around - the new SAAB team (including Chinese buyers) makes a more serious impression than Muller, Antonov + Co.

    • I'm still of the opinion that Müller has tried to do well with Saab.
      After the catastrophe it is easy to say that he is to blame.
      There are several people you have to call to be responsible.

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