Geneva Motor Show. The sporty Jaguar F-Type and Alfa C4

Jaguar has a good run. In Great Britain, a new engine plant will be built and the new F-Type will noticeably rejuvenate the brand image. In just a few weeks, the new, small Jaguar sports car will be available for sale. In Geneva, a visit to Jaguar was a must and what we saw, we liked it.

Strong finish: Crispy rear on the F-Type
Strong finish: Crispy rear on the F-Type

The F-Type is simply crisp and perhaps the most exciting, small sports car on the island for decades. Even the look on the cat makes you want to tour in an open car. Although he also closed, with tight-fitting fabric hood, a good figure. But the optically compact appearance of the athlete deceives. Because the Jaguar is not really lightweight despite aluminum body, but even in the basic version 1.600 kilograms heavy. And he really needs power under the attractive hood.

The base starts from 340 hp, the top version drives up with 495 hp. Prices start from € 73.400. The F-Type is an exciting luxury item, no question about it. He is also outrageously young and the Jaguar is available in unusually crazy colors such as “Firesand Metallic”. Shocking. It almost became our favorite car at the Geneva fair. Nearly.

Because, yes that's mean of these Italians, the even more exciting, smarter alternative lurking at the other end of the hall and the Jaguar looks almost boring. Sorry, big cat.

Jaguar F-Type Check:

Enter: For all who want to rediscover an automotive legend of the island, because never Jaguar was younger than today.

Get out: Because the Alfa is the even more exciting alternative ...

The Alfa C4 in Geneva
The Alfa C4 in Geneva

Alfa Romeo C4

The brand from Italy is also a story for the heart. One hopes and fears and somehow the supplication has now been answered. Alfa had almost written off, but the comeback is on. And how!

The Alfa C4 is thrilling and every inch of the car breathes gas. Forget the electric and hybrid stories and this environmental story. Are we wrong for a moment. There are cars that are already fast in the state. The Alfa is one of them. Every curve, every detail is right and the air intakes of the body are simply breathtaking.

The Alfa comes with a DNA that inspires. It is built in Modena near Maserati. The body, made from a mix of carbon, aluminum and fiberglass, weighs only 895 kilograms, without drivers and fluids. With this, the Italians finally break the weight spiral and show intelligent lightweight construction. The Alfa is 3.99 meters short and 1.18 meters flat. It is powered by an evolutionary stage of the four-cylinder known from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV. A whopping 240 turbo horsepower and 350 Newton meters of torque, 80% of which should be at 1700 rpm, promise pure driving pleasure. A double clutch transmission and a driving dynamics program extended by the “Race” program level let the Alfa fly to 4.5 in 100 seconds. The top speed is over 250 kilometers per hour.

Return to the good Alfa time, right? Every curve, every detail breathes sinful driving pleasure and the C4 embodies what we have missed so long in the brand. The Italians seem to have understood. A sports car can be light and small and exciting. In any case, the power steering has been left out in the already orderable C4.

The C4 is the first step for a comeback for Alfa. A roadster will be developed together with Mazda, an Alfa SUV will come and based on Maserati, there should finally be a new, large Alfa Romeo. Will also be time and the increasing cooperation between Maserati and Alfa is the right way, also in terms of image. Sometimes, it seems fans' requests are heard. The Alfa is my personal one in Geneva. And the comeback of a big brand. But not the comeback of Geneva. Another celebrated. Or maybe not…

Alfa Romeo C4 Check:

Enter: Guarantees every wellness weekend. Get in, start, be 20 years younger. That's how easy it is.

Get out: An increased heart rate does not work well in the long run. Then rather take the Jaguar F-Type.





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    Aahhhh I do not know. I should not and will not argue about taste. The Alfa has something. I do not want to deny that, but I found 8 more beautiful on the C2007. At least the front of the C4 is similar to the 8C. On the I crashed greedily at the IAA 2007. Of course, on the Saabstand! I'm not a fan of these mid-engine concepts anyway. For many, the rear is simply visually too long. Are few vehicles, where synonymous, the proportions have succeeded in my opinion.
    Since I like the big cat much more. I stood next to an E-Type in Frankfurt's classic city last week and could not get enough of it. And maybe you also recognize the design language. I'm looking forward to the coupe of the F-Type. That should come 2014.
    Oh well, what I noticed in the F-Type and that makes him even fancier for me. The tail is similar in certain features of the Aero X. At least I have this impression.

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    Seems to give two different versions of the headlights. After, as Tom writes, Alfa dreams come true, there could also be fulfilled dreams at SAAB. How about a new sonnet? 🙂

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    I have to admit that I have been thinking more or less seriously about a vehicle extension in the form of the 4C since I first stood next to the design study. That's been some time now and as I got to know the Italian model policy, I also had slight doubts whether the car goes into production. However, when I saw the first pictures of Geneva and looked at the (in my eyes and only on paper) very ugly headlights, my wallet closed inside.

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    Well Tom who took the pictures of the Alfa? The car is nice but there is still a lot…. 🙂

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      Have thought of you, is only for you, the photo

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        Children, don't get distracted !!! Tom was just talking about the curves of a car, or am I wrong? ... ;-)

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    on the subject .. that is celebrated by someone else ... ..

    In the last AMS Auto Mercedes and Sport sorry auto motor und sport there was a long report "Images under the magnifying glass" In the section "I like the brand" Saab is also represented in addition to the usual ones. In addition, the author's comment ... .. Most amazing: The demise of the Saab brand has not let the love of the fans grow cold ....

    So go

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