The path of a cult brand. New Saab book has landed

The delivery of the new Saab book “Saab - The Way of a Cult Brand” is now eagerly awaited. The first copies arrived today. Of course I had to look into the book immediately, there is no waiting. The first impression is very good, the book is lovingly designed and the history of Saab is discussed up to the present day.

New Saab book: The path of a cult brand
New Saab book: the path of a cult brand

The book is full of beautiful photographs, some of which are known, but some have never been published. It has become a heavy (1.5 kilogram!) Volume with photo and text, and even the first paging is enjoyable. A detailed book review and more will follow in the next few days, I'm working on it.

If you don't want to wait that long, you can order it from our Saab fan shop today. But I can tell you one thing now: It is the last sentence that the author Dieter Günter writes in the book. "So let's look ahead!". I like it!



5 thoughts on "The path of a cult brand. New Saab book has landed"

  • I received it at noon today ... it's awesome and makes Saab even more fascinating.

  • Thanks for the information! I've ordered my local bookseller!

  • I bought the book since 14 days and directly in Sweden in Hjo, but in Swedish. is just great.

  • Will there be an English version? Please!
    (Will there be an english version, please?)

  • Ordered it from Am… a long time ago.
    I'm looking forward!

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