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On Saturday we brought our Saab 9000 Anniversary out of hibernation, and we actually wanted to bring our “Silver Aero Project” onto the road today. That was probably nothing, the snow got in the way, and both 9000ers are on their summer tires in the carport. The "Silver Aero" continues to sleep in its hibernation. Apparently not just him.

Hibernation: Saab 9000 snowed in
Hibernation: Saab 9000 snowed in

It is quiet in Trollhättan at Saab 2.0. Entire 12 vacancies were advertised in the first weeks of the year, and it seems that the owners of Saab 2.0 have imposed a strict news blackout or are hibernating. Even the usual rumor mill is silent, and that's really unusual. Because wild rumors are usually buzzing through Trollhättan, which are then quickly caught again.

Maybe it will stay quiet until the time Saab 2.0 presents a new product, which may take a while. Then it's time for the usual G-word. Patience is better than too much hope that is not fulfilled.

Semcon is looking for 80 new engineers
Semcon is looking for 80 new engineers

Trollhattan gives gas

Things are going well in Trollhattan. The technology company Semcon, located directly next to the Saab factory at home, has received an extensive order from Germany. A large, German automaker has given the Swedes the development of a completely new model. The leadership lies in our country, also the platform and the design language comes from Germany. But body, interior and exterior are developed to 2015 in Trollhättan. An interesting story !

Semcon is therefore hiring additional 80 engineers at the site. The manufacturer, whose name may not be mentioned, dealt intensively with the Saab topic and location months ago. The fact that the Saab brand took this tragic path was not up to developers or engineers, according to a Semcon spokesman for the press regarding Trollhättan's valued expertise in contracting.

Good "Saab heads" are wanted. We'll see whether the owners of Saab 2.0 will also benefit from it. Trollhättan is currently developing for China, England, Japan and Germany. And a little bit for Saab 2.0 too. And we'll wait and see what happens.

To shorten the time a little, there is at the continuation story of Marcos first Saab to read. Have lots of fun with it!



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    That's all that nerve-retro stuff. There used to be a time when engines were so inefficient that they produced vast amounts of heat to be dissipated: these are the pointless monster holes, also known as air brakes.

    Or the design is geared towards the largest engines in a range, which actually need a lot of cooling, and for image reasons, of course, no driver can concede that he does not have the largest.

    It is a misery.

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    When I see the first picture like this, and then think of the image of the Spyker B6, then I immediately wonder when the giant gullet actually got its way among designers.

    Admittedly, the comparison between the B6 and the SAAB 9000 lags. Nevertheless, it seems that since about the middle of the last decade the bad habit prevailed to make vehicle fronts as a lot of hole with some tin around it. At Peugeot this runs through the entire X07 series. At SAAB it started with the 9-5 (II) (admittedly late, but at least). Even at BMW, the kidneys are getting noticeably bigger.

    From a design point of view, I find low, slim fronts more elegant because they are less conspicuous. They also give the entire car a wider, flatter silhouette from the front. Fine - the air supply for the coolers is limited, but that shouldn't be the big problem. The oil cooling is done further down anyway.

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    I would say it stays interesting and a message lock can not be a disadvantage.

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