Spectacular. SAAB Trionic cleans the air!

It is a spectacular demonstration! A Saab 9000 CSE with the revolutionary Trionic and a Saab 92 two-stroke engine stand together in the measuring laboratory. First the exhaust behavior of the 9000 Turbo is tested, then the Saab 92 two-stroke starts. What would happen then, nobody would have expected.

Spectacular - Saab Trionic purifies the air!
Spectacular - Saab Trionic purifies the air!

The exhaust gases from the two-stroke engine are fed directly into the intake tract of the Saab 9000. It cleans the air and after a short moment the exhaust gas values ​​are as before, when “clean” laboratory air was drawn in. The story is true and verified. In 1992 Saab advertised that a new Saab 9000 with Trionic could clean the air of the metropolitan areas. The customers would only have to buy enough Saabs ...

The Trionic is a milestone in Saab history. Environmental protection was already on the agenda in Trollhättan, before the topic was up to date with other providers. The Swedes had a technical advantage in many things, which became less and less in the following years. The Saab Trionic is history today. The Saab H engine, until recently in use in the 9-5 I, today runs in China from the tapes and could, well, clean Beijing's city air. The Chinese would only have to build and sell a corresponding number.

1992 did not work that way and will only be implemented by decree in China. At least one has experience in it. A comeback of the Trionic is unlikely, because no small manufacturer makes today this luxury. A large part of the automotive world speaks Bosch. And their system is now as clean as the innovation from Trollhättan.

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Source: Saab Automobile AB

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  • That was interesting very interesting.
    Have two 9000-he drove but I did not know.

  • Saab drivers are the real eco ... Buy a car, drive it for several decades and clean the air of the city centers 🙂

  • The crazy ones, the Swedes 😉 Direct the exhaust gases of one car into the intake of the next and thus “clean the air”. I think there is no better way to demonstrate the effects of Trionic ...

  • But Berlin had (unfortunately) arranged its deal with Volvo ......
    Like so much history ...
    Nice greeting from NiederSACHSEN!

  • The classic SAAB 900 was always my dream ... But I only got involved with the realization of a SAAB when the environment played a bigger role at SAAB. And of course this emissions test was part of it! In 1998 the time had come: a SAAB 9-3 was ordered and its delivery was delayed “forever” ... The first stumbling blocks were in the way! When it finally stood in front of the door, the SAAB was TOP in everyday use!
    PS: the new SAAB book is really very comprehensive! An unconditional purchase recommendation !!! If it stays so cold at Easter, there is edifying entertainment / information!

  • The GDR should have bought enough Saab's 🙂

  • Incredible thing, I did not know that yet. A car, clearly a SAAB, cleans two-stroke air. Really awesome

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