11 thoughts on "SAAB News. It's going up ! Slowly."

  • That is what makes us Saabians so likeable ... and I am pleased to look ahead! Good news.

  • One thing you have to give us SAAB fans, we are really modest, because we can already look forward to a new lettering ... Which other manufacturer can claim that from their customers!?!?

  • Great start and whether 2,0 or 3.0 or 5.0 forget GM, Spyker and all the others. We are looking ahead.
    And maybe the 2.0 is just a name that it's the 2liter engine

  • Saab has changed owners in disguise, but always on the fly. So a demolition was not yet, so New Saab or Saab 2.0 fits very well to NEVS Saab.

  • Hmm. Actually Saab 5.0. Saab, Saab-Scania, Saab-GM, Saab-Spyker, Saab-NEVS. How good that our favorite brand has the at least 7 life of a cat.

  • Hello Tom

    Thanks for the timely information. It's good to see that things are starting to move again. Maybe the patience will be worth it in the end.

    One more question why SAAB 2.0. Should that symbolize the new beginning? Then it would be more like SAAB 3.0, if you look at the pre-GM, GM and the post-GM time. Or am I completely wrong?

    All the best from Switzerland

  • Looks really good, now really only the smoke from the chimney is missing

  • Yes, that improves the day. We are already happy with little things

  • Now only the notorious white smoke from the chimneys is missing, then everything is in butter

  • The coffee tastes a lot better, thanks Tom

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