SAAB News. Spring weeks 2013.

Winter is finally over! Something is happening in nature and also at Saab. Swedish Distribution Services GmbH in Eschborn, the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, starts the spring weeks in 2013. And we have put together a package that offers some surprises. Do we remember the stickers “Saab - more than a car” - which quickly became a cult?

Saab spring-640

In Eschborn you also play this card in an evolutionary form. With the difference that this time every cover letter already contains a free and very appropriate addition to the brand. In the form of a “mini-display cleaner” designed in the Saab look together with the cult slogan, fans can not only free your cell phones and smartphones from dirt, but can also decorate your phone with the brand logo and thus profess to be a Saab fan. Once again: well done and thought through in a fresh way!

Saab Mini Display Cleaner
Saab Mini Display Cleaner

The Saab spring weeks offer much more. Depending on the dealer-specific campaign modules, there is of course the mandatory tire change at a fixed price, but also more interesting offers. For example, the Saab driver can expect a spring check, Saab Premium oil change service and a Saab Exclusive service package, or even the Saab "spring cleaning".

The revolutionary thing is that Oil Change and Exclusive Service Package is, I would call it, a fixed-price inspection service. This will make the Saab Partner as a service provider even more interesting for price-sensitive Saab drivers who would otherwise visit independent workshops, and that too tightly clingable costs. A completely new way, which will certainly find much favor, especially with drivers of vehicles of older construction year.

Because - apart from the safety that Saab original spare parts offer - nobody knows our vehicles as well as a Saab workshop with many years of experience. And experience with our youngtimer fleet shows that an older Saab is in better hands with the Saab partner.

With every Saab spring check, Saab Premium oil change service and Saab exclusive service package, the customer receives a free Saab anti-slip pad for the dashboard to secure keys, smartphones and other small items as a thank you.

As always, more information and the nice little Saab Give Aways are only available from the participating and authorized Saab service partner.


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    Well, then the action is no longer worthwhile, at the many other brands and locations Saab is just a fringe business. After all, an official Saab service in only 2 km distance is already a luxury today

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    Should one have the post, if it comes already in the box?
    Even if it is now with the Saab again closer to home in the snow, so soon the summer tires on it.

    • The post should be in the box, the first “field tests” with the Saab Mini-Display-Cleaner are already running. 😉

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    … Not only. The Galaxy also goes better with my SAAB 🙂

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    ..this looks the i-phone equally much saabiger from 😉

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    Where can you find a list of participating Saab partners ???

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    I get / we never get mail from Saab…. 🙁
    Very, very early ... but not at all in the last few years.
    But probably it was also because it alone 3 dealers, where we have Saabs bought, long ago no longer exists (and we practically with almost every new Saab we had to look for a new dealer).

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    On Friday, SAAB Post (always pleased) came by my friend, the SAAB Mini Display Cleaner is well done. great idea

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