SAAB talc. The Saabenteurer and Saab-Ziehm.

As I change from the desk behind the steering wheel of my Saab Turbo X today, it's time to report on other Saab projects in Germany. About a year ago my friend Marco asked me if we wanted to be part of the Allgäu Orient Rally 2013. Adventure, adventure. I refused at that time thankfully. But six Saab fans from Munich are in this year.

Allgaeu-Orient Rally
Allgaeu-Orient Rally

You start as “Saab expensive”With three Saab 9000 in the direction of the Orient. The Game rules Participation is tough, so it's going to be a real adventure. The event also has a charitable background and supports social projects. The team from southern Germany starts with a Saab 9000 CC from 1990 and two Saab 9000 CS from 1993 and 92. At the end of the rally, the local Saabs will be given away to the needy in Amman. What is a little sad. Because then we have three 9000er less. But it's a good thing!

Sponsors who support the Saab team in their adventure are still being sought and donations from the Saab community are welcome.

Saab Team - Homepage of Thorsten
Saab Team - Thorsten's homepage

Saab project from the north

The Hamburg area is Saab stronghold. A real Saab fan is Thorsten, who went through many ups and downs with the cult brand from Sweden. I met Thorsten at the International Saab Meeting in Spa last year, and we have been in contact ever since. On his Saab page “” he tells about more than 20 years of Saab passion. You can relive his personal Saab story, which is also part of his family history, with many pictures. It's worth a look!

So what keeps the cult brand alive and what distinguishes us from other brands? It is we, the fans, who live your passion - some also call it Macke. Whether it's a rally across Europe, a daily blog, a classic car or a private homepage. We are all Saab and we live the brand.

Tomorrow I'll be back. Then it goes on around our Swedish favorite brand.



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    So far, the rally has largely gone past me. Sounds really exciting, I will pursue. I only have concerns about Syria at the moment.

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    I looked through the list of starters, besides the Saabenteurern also starts a Czech national team with 3 Saab`s. Respect for the Czech Republic.

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    Allgäu-Orient Rally !!
    I imitated it a few years ago.
    @Marco: Let's talk about it on occasion, maybe at the Saab Festival!?

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      Hi Torsten,

      Yes very much. It's a shame that “our” Tom is such a “comfort person” otherwise I would also pack him up 🙂 🙂 Oops if he reads that again now 🙂 🙂

      @ Torsten -> contact details via



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    Hello Tom

    Today I received the following article from a friend from Sweden who is aware of my SAAB virus.

    I saw an article about the last Saabs that wants to be sold here in Sweden.
    They are models that where never released.
    They are listed at Kvarndammen, Sweden.
    They have an English version on the website

    I think he coincides with yours.

    Greetings from Switzerland


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