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While I am busy with the "real life", which in this case is a full desk, there will be a short update on the Saab Spring Weeks 2013 before the weekend. The national page of Saab Parts AB is now up to date and one takes in Eschborn the suggestions from the Saab community.

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In the course of the next week there will be a list of all dealers participating in the promotion as a download. A good improvement, which supports the committed Saab partners and which helps us to find the right dealer. Thanks to Eschborn!

On the blog it will remain a little quieter for a few days, which not only has to do with a well-filled desk, but also with another Saab project, which is now finally in the "assembly phase". 🙂 More on that in the next few days.

All fans of our cult brand have a nice weekend!



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  • something different, currently running the 50km ski-cross-country and runners have all the advertising of saab with the old saab-scania logo on the start number front and rear, think is the most expensive advertising position, bandenwerbung there is also how it works ??? ?????

    • ok, it was only 15km and looks like the technology aviation division, ... but nice!

  • blank

    Saab Premium Oil Change Service *


    * Only at participating dealers. ___While stocks last.___

    Is the check stored? Or only as long as the oil stocks last?

    In this sense, a great weekend

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    Hello Tom

    I wish all SAAB enthusiasts and fans the same.
    Greetings from Switzerland

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      ... from Saabfan not Saaban of course ...

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    Good idea in Eschborn! All SAAB riders a nice weekend!

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